Emerald is a green colored precious gemstone which according to the Vedic astrology represents the peculiar powers of the planet mercury. The peculiarities of the mercury affect the persons in the field of communication, business, intelligence, education and communication. Mercury is the lord of the two signs namely Gemini and Virgo of zodiac hence people with the respective zodiac can buy Emerald Sapphire online form the Brahmagems, a shop pre- eminently known for dealing with the world class certified gemstones.

Benefits of wearing Emerald stone

  • It bestows its wearer with intelligence and quick learning abilities.
  • Enhances the creativity ofthe artistic and creative persons thereby helps in getting success.
  • Favors the educational seekers.

Health benefits

  • Keep green colored components of the human body such as- nerves, veins etc. hale and hearty.