Gemstone Vs Crystals- Which one to choose to change your stars

03 January, 2020
Gemstone Vs Crystals- Which one to choose to change your stars

The astrological gemstone is considered as the tool of the mystical alternative healing world, where two words namely-original gemstones and crystals are being used interchangeably due to their physical resemblance in structures. Although confusing, original gemstones and crystals are quite different from each other. Be with us and look down to find the answers.

Going by definition, we can see that a gem is called 'gemstone' because it is,

a) Beautiful

b) Rare

c) Durable

Gems are solid stones that need to have the above three properties to do justice to its term. A gemstone is cut, faceted and cleaned to be set in adornments or to enliven or emphasize the extravagance part of any item.

Loose semi precious stones are chiseled down to fit in pieces of jewelry. They are arranged according to their chemical composition and come in various shapes. Vedic gemstones are extensively used in astrological offerings to guide your stars in your favor. The structure of these Vedic gemstones can be of mineral bases or an organic base. The original gemstones come in various colors which can be attributed to the fact that they are composed of different bases.

On the other hand, crystals are a combination of regular, systematic patterns of molecules to form a pure substance. They have well-defined properties along with their shapes. Neither are they uncommon nor are they reliable. They are not like the unique gemstones, and hence their prices are also low as compared to gemstones although they come in different shapes like hexagon, orthorhombic, etc. as per one’s needs.

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Look out for these specific astrological gemstones that have unique properties to guide your life.




It is a natural pinkish Red to the blood-red colored precious stone of the Corundum family. Indian astrology suggests natural Ruby be worn for growth in Career, Social status, and Love & Power. Improves relationship with parents, improves health, and gives authority. Natural Ruby generally comes from Africa, Burma, and other places. The stone is worn for Sun (Surya) to improve life relationships.

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  • A Pearl (Moti) is a natural, white to bluish-grey colored, Organic stone created inside the body of a living organism called 'Mollusc'.
  • The Pearl contains powerful astrological importance in the Vedic astrology and is worn to calm the planet Moon in the wearer's birth chart and is extremely effective in Anger, Skin & Heath.
  • Natural Pearls (Moti) comes from China (cultured), South Sea, Venezuela (Natural Pearl) & Basra (Natural Pearl).


Red Coral:

  • Red coral (Moonga) is a deep red organic stone made out in the deep sea by oceanic creatures called coral polyps.
  • The stone is extremely successful in treating Mangal Dosh and guarantees success in management roles, Sports, Business & Health.
  • The stone is worn to increase weakly Mars (Mangal)  in a person's horoscope or to benefit from its central position. Red coral generally comes from Italy and Japan.

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Amethyst: Fresh start

  • There's a belief that Amethyst is one of the most widely recognized original gemstones.
  • Amethyst is incredible for purifying and getting out negative thoughts.
  • At an inconspicuous level, Amethyst adjusts and associates the physical, mental, and enthusiastic bodies, connecting them to the otherworldly.
  • It washes down the air, transmutes negative vitality, and invigorates the throat and crown chakras.


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