It is often said that gemstones possess great benefits. What benefits can Yellow Sapphire give me? How can Yellow Sapphire Benefit me from bad luck? Problems? And many other things; these questions are often being asked to gemologists, astrologers etc that Yellow sapphire Stone really work? What is the right procedure to wear Yellow Sapphire Stone? The answer is simple, Yellow Sapphire or any other precious gemstone works only in the favor of its wearer only if one adopts a genuine govt. lab tested certified Yellow Sapphire and follows each and every step cautiously while wearing this stone.

There are nine planets in the universe and all of them relieve mystical rays which are effectively absorbed by the nine precious gemstones such as Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Cat Eye, Hessonite, Diamond and Ruby in correspondence of their respective planets.

Hence, based on the above explanation, it would be appropriate to say that Yellow Sapphire Stone does hold astrological value and one should wear the Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone to gain superior benefits offered by its lord planet Jupiter.

To gain the mystical power of Yellow Sapphire blessed by Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is recommended to people who suffer from misfortune / bad luck. One will greatly emphasize on wearing Real and Certified Yellow Sapphire Stone. Now another question arises that, what is the proper method or right way to wear Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj Gemstone?

To reap the enormous benefits from the Jupiter blessed Pukhraj Gemstone. Often due to ignorance, or in a hurry people wear it in a wrong way which instead of bringing any great results conveys malignant results in the lives of the wearer. Thus, extra-attention should be paid to the wearing method of this stone.

  • Wear Yellow Sapphire on a Thursday morning during the Shukla Paksha. Wearing it on this day will work favorably for its wearer as Thursday is the day of Jupiter.
  • Yellow Sapphire Stone should be worn in gold or silver ring to invite the enormous benefits of Jupiter emphasized Yellow Sapphire in the life of the wearer.
  • Yellow Sapphire Gemstone should be plunged in Gangajal or milk in order to wash-off the impurities glued to it.
  • Burn five incense sticks waive it 108 times around the ring while reciting the mantra: “Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah Aum”
  • At last, we would like to add that wearing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone does bring positive astrological results in your life only if this stone is worn according to the rules and rituals mentioned.

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