The ethnic and luring world of gemstones have an impact on human life from centuries. From ceremonial to ritualistic and stylish purposes, gemstones play an extremely important role to bring the desired change in various aspects of life. Consisting unique qualities various gemstones are recommended according to the planetary situation in our horoscope. Blue sapphire is one of them. Also known as Neelamin Hindi blue sapphire is gemstone for Saturn. Made of Titanium, Iron and Aluminum Oxide blue sapphire is found in Burma (Myanmar) mines, Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka and Kashmir (Jammu) mines. You can buy Blue Sapphire online from Brahmagems.  

Because of its fast effect in bad times of Sade-Saati (Saturn period) blue sapphire is best for people of Zodiac signs Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) and Capricorn (Makar Rashi). Besides, anyone with a desire to reduce Saturn effect can wear it. It’s a hope for many people yearning to get rid of the negative effect of planet Saturn.

It is believed as a source of bringing positive change and great success in people’s life. But before you wear it, consultation with an experienced astrologer is necessary. An off-handedly taken decision may land you to new problems. Studded in iron or gold, it should be worn on the middle finger of right hand. Saturday is the day to wear Neelam.

Advantages of Neelam

1. Blue sapphire enhances the positive energy of Saturn. It denotes discipline, public grace, and patience.

2. It gives tremendous results in the case of Saturn transits like Sade-Sati.

3. In a combination of other stones Neelam can help to cure diseases like bone cancer, paralysis, kidney trouble.

4. It brings the wearer health, fame, prosperity, calmness and protection from evil spirits.

5. Helps in improving focus and concentration.

Professions and fields that are benefited from Blue Sapphire

People in the field of martial arts, dance, direction, astrology, medical, & business like textiles, export- import, spare parts, electrical appliances, transport may get huge benefits from blue sapphire.

Myths and Facts

1. It is believed that blue sapphire gives instant results but this is not true as Saturn is the slowest planet and takes at least 30 years to do a complete circle of 12 Rashies which means two & a half year in a rashi. So how is it possible to get sudden results from Neelam?

2. According to another myth if not suitable it can destroy the life of its wearer. But instead of getting afraid from these rumors try to work hard to get success & positive effects of stone & make Saturn happy. You can’t expect to get all happiness by just wearing a blue sapphire. Continuous & thorough efforts will bring you the desired results. Painstaking people will get their share of luck & prosperity.

3. It is said that this stone can be worn for astrological reasons only. But it can also be worn in various forms of jewelry.

4. Another myth says one should wear only natural blue sapphire. But the fact is almost 99% of stones are treated with heat and oil. Finding an untreated stone is almost impossible.


Celebrities and Blue Sapphire

Even celebrities are not untouched by the magic & glamour of gemstones.

Amitabh Bachhan - To start with Bachhan family, the Crown of Bollywood Amitabh Bachhan wears two Neelam rings which cost multi crores because of its origin from Kashmir (Jammu) mines, the source of pure and natural sapphire. Abhishek Bachhan too wears Blue sapphire and an Emerald ring.

Just like her Husband and Father-in-law Aishwarya also wears an attractive blue sapphire ring.

Priyanka Chopra – Not a strong believer of astrology Priyanka Chopra wears stones as an ornament & not for astrological reasons.

A.R.Rehman – The great musician, composer, singer A.R.Rehman has often been seen wearing a blue sapphire.

Sonu Nigam – The list goes on with the name of Sonu Nigam, the king of golden voice who wears blue and yellow sapphire.