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Talking about Japanese coral gemstone (Japanese red coral online), it is extremely prominent in India and considered as the societal position. 

Holder of immeasurable powers of mars, red coral is known as Praval or Moonga in Hindi. It has a very special place in astrology and gemstone world. Majorly found in Italia and Japan, red coral is worn to enhance the positive energy of mars and also to get a protective shield against destructive powers of Mangal. If you are searching for an authentic red coral you can buy RED CORAL stone online India from Brahmagems.com with an expert Astro advice.


Red Coral is the gemstone related to the planet mars who represents the war, aggression, and high belligerence. So as the red Coral exist in the color of blood and vengeance, which is the main attribute of its native planet i.e. red, and also exists as saffron, scarlet, white and pink to vermilion red. You can BUY RED CORAL STONE ONLINE INDIA from Brahma Gems, a premium online store for excellent quality gemstone.

It leads a person on the path to success and dominance, removes hurdles from the way of success, and boosts him with self-confidence to live a splendid and fearless life.

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