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We know gemstones possess the powers of their ruling planets. In Indian culture, the descriptive information of these planets is given in Vedas written by great Indian Rishis who were versed in reading the influences of celestial bodies on human life. Sometimes the effects are good and sometimes they are bad. Ill effects of these planets can be controlled by wearing those gemstones which represent these planets. That’s why people buy Vedic gemstone online or from gemstone stores to get rid of the negative effects of the planets and stay blessed with prosperity and good fortune.

Translated as "science of light", the word Jyotish refers to the profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology originating in the ancient Vedic traditions of India.  As per the science of astrology, planets do emit certain electric and magnetic fields along with representing certain energies capable of influencing the lives of the humans. Planetary patterns are described by Jyotish at the time of our birth which can give us valuable clues that can make us understand the journey of our life better. It also helps us in evaluating realistically our challenges and strengths in order to optimise our full potential.

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