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Reasons why Gemstones fail to give Results in Astrology

15 May, 2019
Reasons why Gemstones fail to give Results in Astrology
More than often, Gemstones users are confused why their acquired gemstones are failing to give results. There can be ample of reasons for this. Today, we are going to discover some of the common reasons why gemstones often fail to provide desired results to the users.

When we talk about Vedic Astrology, astrological gems are one of the most preferred gems to increase the positive aspects of favourable planets. These planets are the essence of Astrology. Astrologers suggest wearing gemstones based on several factors including your astrological signs, birth, planet etc.

So, the question is what exactly causes the failure of gemstones?

Gemstones are correct, but its suggestion can be incorrect:

Just to clarify, gemstones used alone does not affect by any means, they’ve just been misused. Gemstones are more suitable for the Anukul planets rather than being used for Pratikul Planets. In some cases, gem therapy only operates when the complete chart is analyzed carefully from a holistic view. This consists of Lagna, Nava Sama, Rasi, planetary periods and Gochara. 

But unfortunately, sometimes the results come to create negative conclusions. This is due to the same recommendations are made without knowing the planetary positions or the vimosatridasha carefully. In this situation, these gemstones create just even more problems instead of giving an effective solution.

To simplify thing a little more, here’s an example where Astrological Jyotish quality gemstones are perfectly used in Vedic Astrology but the recommendation is not correct. A person born in Swati Nakshatra (linked with the planet Rahu) was suggested to wear Gomedhikam Garnet gemstones because of a single reason that is his birthplace. He decided to follow the suggestion and wore Largegomedh Stone. 

Approximately a week later, he got involved in a serious car accident that paralyzed his waist down. This was just because the person’s astrologer created a major error of judgment where Rahu was actually positioned in the house of accidents and losses, and the astrologer was oblivious to this fact. This is a good example of the failure of gemstones providing any good result in Astrology and the incorrect recommendation. However, the gemstone was real and original.

Gemstones are not correct but its suggestion can be correct:

The failure of gemstones at the time of use in Gem Therapy and Vedic Astrology is blamed because of the wrong gemstones being used. This mistake is generally done in the way mentioned below:

A real gemstone is made with flux or chemicals in a way that they will not give any results. Inclusions, lines, etc. present in a real gemstone is good because that is how “mother nature” made them. 

  • The real gemstone that you bought has been treated with some chemical or flux so as to nullify its effects, making it merely an ornamental stone. Real gemstones have inclusion or lines inside them which some of the manufacturers refurbish to make them look ideal. However, it changes the nature of that stone and it serves no purpose anymore.
  • The gemstone is synthetic stone or a copy of the real one.

The natural precious government certified gemstones Delhi have specific properties that make them very distinct. These properties are visual and can be easily seen by the naked eye; this means that there should not be any excuse for anyone to consider a falsified piece as a natural gemstone. Gemstones with high quality are very clear, have excellent polish, standardized cuts and a certain size.

If a Vedic gemstone is in an opaque shape, then it may prevent its planet’s cosmic light from penetrating in the physical body of the person who wears it and will have no effect on the wearer. The general rule of thumb that should be followed by everyone is to select a gemstone that is completely transparent, clear and permits light to go through it easily. Otherwise, a gemstone having opposing properties would end up being useless or produce negative effects on the wearer.

Sometimes, artificially created gemstones are also assumed to be the incorrect gemstones. A wide majority of astrologers for their greed sell these lab-made stones as genuine gemstones. As compared with natural gemstones, synthetic gemstones do not create any vibrations which make them redundant for astrological workings. A person who wears a synthetically made gemstone would not feel any type of effect neither negative nor positive. It is very much similar to being worn for aesthetic purposes. There is not anything bad than the dire combination of two gemstones.

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