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Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Madagascar, Tanzania, India, Sri Lanka and Russia

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is the strongest gemstone which shows instant impact which includes rise in wealth, solution for troubles, and increase in confidence. Neelam is the gemstone of Saturn (Shani Grah). Neelam should be worn with utmost caution. Blue sapphires available online are evaluated based upon the purity of their primary hue. Purple, violet, and green are the most common secondary hues found in Blue Sapphires. Violet and purple can contribute to the overall beauty of the color, while green is considered to be distinctly negative.

Blue sapphires with up to 15% violet or purple are generally said to be of fine quality. Gray is the normal saturation modifier or mask found in Blue Sapphires. Gray reduces the saturation or brightness of the hue, and therefore has a distinctly negative effect.

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Three Reasons Why 99% People Don't Get Result from Blue Sapphire?

1. Is it a Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

The major problem with people is they don't even know that they are wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone, every Blue color stone is not a Blue Sapphire Gemstone it can be citrine, or golden topaz or any other blue color stone and if you are wearing such stones you will not get the result.

2. Is the gemstone you are wearing is heated?

If you are wearing the Blue Sapphire Gemstone but it is heated then you will not get the results you are looking for, generally in heat treatment beryllium is used, you will not get the result by wearing the beryllium heated Blue Sapphire gemstone.

3. Is the gemstone treated also?

Nowadays various kind of treatments are done on gemstone to enhance the clarity of the particular stone, for example glass is filled inside the gemstone to enhance the clarity, you will never get the result from the treated stone.


--- Always wear 100 percent Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone and if you do so, you will definitely get the best results from it. Always wear Natural Govt. Lab certified gemstone, because it is always mentioned in there certificate that whether the stone is heated or treated or both.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The price range for Blue Sapphire starts from 100 Rs. per carat/ 900 Rs. per ratti and goes upto 50000 Rs. per carat/ 45000 Rs. per ratti & above, depending upon the quality of stone, which includes CUT COLOUR CLARITY CARAT WEIGHT(4C’s) AND ORIGIN (source) of the stone.

Yes, Blue Sapphire from Kashmir are considered as the best Sapphires because they are very rare and are hard to find. Price range in Kashmir Sapphire starts from around 75000 Rs. per carat.

You can choose between any three, Sri Lanka Sapphire or Ceylon Sapphire are widely available so they are priced less as compared to other Sapphires, in Sri Lanka Sapphire you will get a good pc in price range from 10000 to 30000 Rs. per carat. Which is nearly impossible in case of Burmese and Kashmiri Sapphires. But if you have good budget then only go for Burma or Kashmiri Sapphires. The cornflower colour which is found in Kashmiri is very rare.

We will be providing the certificate, in which the origin is mentioned in the certificate. There are only few labs which mention the origin of the stone such as IGI-Mumbai, GRS-Swisslab , GUBLIN-Swisslab, GIA-America. (Govt Lab Certificate Proof)

Glass filled Sapphires are nothing instead they are the Sapphires of lowest quality, in which the glass is filled to increase the clarity of the stone. In some countries it is declared as synthetic stone.

Heat Treatment is done in Blue Sapphire to increase the colour of the stone, there are various methods to increase the colour of the stone, one in the use of beryllium which is not at all good for health. Glass filling treatment is generally done to increase the clarity of the stone.

Yes in case of Blue Sapphire we give the stone for testing, you can test the stone on your arm for a 3 days to a week, after that you feel stone is not for you, you can return the stone and we will return you the 100 percent payment, we will not deduct anything.

Lowest Quality
Treatments:-Diffusion treatment applied using Beryllium, Color intensifications by elucidation, Color filling by resin etc.
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 500-3000 per carat.
Color tone:-Not actual blue but deranged blue, opaque and purplish tone.
In Astrology:-Not effective.
Medium Quality
Origin:-Thailand, Sri Lanka
Treatments:-Gently treated, only heating.
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 3000 – 7000 per carat.
Color tone:-If pure & natural it will be very light bluish in tone, Deep blue if color intensified using heat treatment, plain heating without using chemicals, Slightly opaque with less medium in transparency.
In Astrology:-Effective & Recommended
High Quality
Origin:-Sri lanka, Burma
Treatments:-No treatments
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 7000 – 30000 per carat
Color tone:-Good in transparency, Luster and medium blue color tone with less or no inclusions.
In Astrology:-Very effective & recommended.
Very High Quality
Origin:-India, Sri lanka, Burma, Brazil
Treatments:-No treatments.
Price (Per Carat):-Rs. 30000 – 300000 per carat.
Color tone:-Royal blue color, very transparent with no inclusions.
In Astrology:-Highly effective and mostly recommended.


Rise in prosperity & wealth, especially benefits during the Saturn Cycle/Sade Sathi, can gain you energy & activeness. It’s also a highly protective gem and can shield you from evil eye, enemies & black magic. It will bless you with name, fame & reputation.

Who can wear?

It is a gem for Capricorn (Makar) & Aquarius (Kumbh) but individuals of Taurus (Vrishabh), Libra (Tula), Gemini (Mithun) & Virgo (Kanya Rashi) can also wear it to strengthen Shani, only after consulting an astrologer.

How to wear?

Wear it in the middle finger, embedded in silver or gold ring on a Saturday morning during the Shukla Paksha.

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