White sapphire is the native gemstone of the planet Venus which has the characteristics of love, art and luxury. White sapphire is known for bestowing luxury, art, love, and prosperity to its wearer. It also bless the wearer with blissful married life by increasing the romance and attraction. A person with zodiac sign Gemini can buy White Sapphire online as it is their birthstone.

 Benefits of White Sapphire

Wearing a white sapphire gemstone brings wealth, success, Luxury, prosperity, art, blissful and passionate married life. Persons related to the creative field like art, culture, music or fashion industry can wear this gemstone for the better skills.

 Health benefits

White sapphire cures the ailments related to the urinary system and enhance the reproductive health and increase masculinity in men.

 The hardness of white sapphire on Mohs scale is9.