21 Mukhi Rudraksha


The rare rudraksha bead with 21 mukhis is governed by Lord Kuber (God of wealth).The sacred bead blesses the wearer with fulfilment of pleasures and materialistic desires. It is said that those who wear ekkies mukhi rudraksha have never a lack of anything in life. It also makes the body free from diseases.

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21 Mukhi Rudraksha

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Education About 21 Mukhi Rudraksha

21 mukhi rudraksha or ekees mukhi rudraksha is a spiritually powerful rudraksha associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Kuber. It is ruled by 21 rudras and embodies Lord Kuber (God of wealth and prosperity). Pure 21 mukhi rudraksha is considered as home to the superpower deities named Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara. The ruling planet of the religious bead is Venus, thereby removing its malefic effects. The genesis of an original ekkies mukhi rudraksha is found in Java and Indonesia.

The irregular shaped rudraksha flaunts 21 mukhis (lines or faces) running from top to the bottom of the bead. The colour of the bead ranges from light brown to dark brown. This rudraksha has the power to protect the wearers from all the evil energies, black magic, and legal conflicts. It helps in attaining wealth, prosperity and faith in God. People who are a­­­­t the peak in their business or aiming for it can wear this rudraksha to get favourable results. The original twenty-one mukhi rudraksha plays a key role in opening the 3rd Eye Chakra, and this is highly necessary for sharpened skills and heightened state of awareness. If you want to experience good fortune and riches of the world, then buy natural 21 mukhi rudraksha online from Brahma Gems- which offers high-quality gems and only certified 21 mukhi rudraksha from Nepal origin in India.

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Rudrakshas are powerful, and wearing the 21 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal origin ones are highly essential as they energize an individual with the positive energy apart from that they provide various benefits too. The benefits that individual gains by wearing 21 Mukhi rudraksha are enormous; they bring in prosperity, fame, name and fulfill all the materialistic desires.

Therapeutic & Health Benefits

 Anxiety is one of the most dangerous illnesses that is suffered by many, wearing 21 Mukhi rudraksha individuals can alleviate anxiety.

 One who wears 21 Mukhi rudraksha can easily get relieved from depression and stress.

 Wearers can check the blood sugar levels to come into control after wearing the rudraksha.

People are blessed with a long life if they wear 21 Mukhi rudraksha.

 Wear this rudraksha and leave the prostate problems.

 Brings in positive energy.

Effective for overall health.

Diseases related to reproductive organs can also be cured wearing this.

Spiritual Benefits

 Guides wearer to the path of religious eternity.

 The wearer is blessed by divine energies.

Common benefits

 Wearing this rudraksha protects from black magic and all the negative energies.

 It brings immense wealth after wearing this rudraksha.

 The wearer will be blessed by all gods.

 Wearer starts living a luxurious life

 All the desires of the wearer get fulfilled.

 Wearers can enjoy success in all fields where they step-in.

People who are into the fields or professions of business, politics, Senior Officer level, directors of MNCs, CEO’s of large scale industries, Actors, Producers, Property Brokers can wear 21 Mukhi rudraksha. They can earn fame, money and much more that make them have good progress in their career.

Rudraksha can be worn, by any gender irrespective of men or women. Even if a poor man wears 21 Mukhi rudraksha, they can see all the success. It removes the negative energy from the body and improvises positive energy.

Individuals who are ready to wear 21 Mukhi rudraksha need to first clean up their hearts with negative feelings and focus on God when they are wearing it by chanting the divine mantra “om Namah Shivaya”. This rudraksha needs to be worn only on Mondays. There is no compulsion to wear this rudraksha only in gold or silver chains, but they can also be tied into a simple red thread and worn. It is not necessarily worn on the neck only, but can also be put on the waist or else can be even kept in the place of worship.

21 Mukhi is quite expensive in comparison to the other rudrakshas and the factors that are considered in it are size and quality.

1. Quality::Original and authentic 21 Mukhi Rudraksha is quite rare as there will be only 1 or two per year.

2. Destiny:: 21 Mukhi rudraksha duplicate one is crafted with lines to make it look similar, so please ensure the quality certification before affording it.

3. Size:: Willing to purchase at best prices then go for the medium size at 21 Mukhi rudraksha shop , because as the size grows even the price increases.

21 Mukhi Rudraksha is the divine beads, which needs to be taken extra care while wearing to shower with huge benefits from it.

 Wear Rudraksha after performing the said rituals. Rudraksha needs to be worn only after performing the rituals.

 It is necessary to remove at the bedtime and worn in the early morning after the bath.

 It is necessary to keep the Rudraksha clean by washing it with clean water or using the smooth brush to remove dust.

 Rudraksha need not be worn at funerals, so remove them before attending and need to be worn only after taking the bath.

Things to avoid:

 Wearers should always bear in mind that 21 Mukhi rudraksha need to be cleaned with milk and water, but should not use chemicals or detergents. Never expose to heat after washing the rudrakshas. Choosing Brahma Gems to buy natural 21 Mukhi rudraksha online will offer you to provide 100% original, real, unmodified, lab tested and certified Rudraksha at unpredictable prices.