18 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 18 mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Earth (Bhoomi Devi) and helps a person who is in any business related to land or is launching some major projects. The pious eighteen mukhi rudraksha bead also helps eliminate the feelings of lust and ego which can lead one to downfall.

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18 Mukhi Rudraksha

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Education About 18 Mukhi Rudraksha

The natural 18 mukhi rudraksha has the patience and power of Mother Earth or Bhumi Devi. Ruled by Goddess Bhumi, the rudraksha provides health, success, and intelligence to the person who wears it with the utmost devotion. Also known as Bhumi Rudraksha, it has a special place in Vaastu Shastra. With Mother Earth being the ruling planet, the wearer will attain success and victory in all aspects of life after wearing the bead in woollen or silk thread, capped in silver or gold metal. The beej mantra for this rudraksha is “Om Namah Shivaya”.

When pregnant women who have a medical risk of abortions wear an eighteen mukhi rudraksha, the baby will be protected by Mother Earth. The wearer gets rid of their ego, stops being lazy and becomes productive and attains positive results after wearing this auspicious bead. Goddess Bhumi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and the mother of Bhauma or planet Mars. 18 mukhi rudraksha thus has the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Mars. To experience the divinity and power of Goddess Bhumi, buy original 18 mukhi rudraksha from Brahma Gems- the only place to sell natural and certified rudraksha beads (1-21) in the country. Please note that the price of the bead may vary as per size, origin and quality.

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The natural 18 mukhi rudraksha provides the wearer with a lot of benefits. Just by keeping the rudraksh at home or workplaces, the inmates of the place will be blessed by Goddess Bhumi. People associated with real estate and other land-related dealings or jobs will benefit from wearing 18 mukhi rudraksh. Health Benefits

Health Benefits

 The 18 mukhi rudraksh wipes away fatigue and dullness of the wearer. The person will be active and energized.

 Problems such as obesity, joint pains (knees, legs, etc.) will be cured.

 Piles and bone-related health issues will also be cured.

 The rudraksh has a positive impact on the musculoskeletal system of the wearer.

The rudraksh improves metabolism and digestion.

Spiritual Benefits

 18 mukhi rudraksh brings stability to the person who wears it.

 It develops a systematic thinking process and helps in making the right decisions.

 The person will have increased patience and balance in emotions.

 The stamina of the wearer will increase.

Common benefits

 18 mukhi rudraksh attracts wealth and happiness for the wearer.

 Businessmen will achieve their goals by wearing this rudraksh.

 18 mukhi rudraksh balances the Kapha Dosha and its ill-effects.

Civil engineers, contracts, builders, and real estate agents will benefit from wearing 18 mukhi rudraksh. Women who wish to have pregnancy free of complications and deliver a healthy baby should wear 18 mukhi rudraksh to keep the unborn child safe. Mother Earth will safeguard the unborn child from all negative forces.

The certified 18 mukhi rudraksha can be worn by any person, irrespective of their age, gender, or region. Those who wish to alleviate the mooladhara and manipura chakras in their body and stimulate them should wear this rudraksh. Those who suffer from lack of concentration and will power should wear 18 mukhi rudraksh. Men or women who wish to have a healthy life free of diseases and ailments should wear 18 mukhi rudraksh. People who wish to make it big in their field of work should wear this rudraksh. The ruling planet of 18 mukhi rudraksh is Mars.

The rudraksh controls the fire element and is hence associated with the city of jewel or the Manipura chakra. Those who wish to attract the golden energy by activating manipura chakra should wear 18 mukhi rudraksh and chant Gayatri mantra. Those who want to nullify the negative effects of planet Mars in their horoscope should wear 18 mukhi rudraksh.

How to Wear 18 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Rituals are an essential part of Hinduism. Every ritual has significance and has to be followed to get the right results in life.

 An 18 mukhi rudraksh should be energized before wearing it.

 The best days to wear 18 mukhi rudraksh are Monday and Tuesday (for Mars).

 Clean the place of pooja, take a bath early in the morning and wear clean clothes.

 Sit facing the east direction and dip the rudraksh in raw milk.

 PApply sandalwood paste on it and chant “ Om Hreeng Shreeng Vasudhaye Swaha ” and “ Om Hreeng Hoong Ektatva rupe Hoong Hreeng Om ” 108 times.

 Get the pronunciation right when chanting the mantra.

 Sprinkle gangajal on the rudraksh to clean it first and then wear it.

 The 18 mukhi rudraksh can be capped in gold or silver and worn in silk thread. It can also be woven into a gold or silver chain or bracelet.

 The rudraksh should be close to the skin and touch it for the best results.

The 18 mukhi rudraksha price in India depends on four main factors listed below.

1. Authenticity:: An authentic 18 mukhi rudraksh is extremely hard to find and equally expensive.

2. Genesis:: The 18 mukhi Nepali is the costliest one and is rare to find. The rudraksh from Java is easily available and is stocked by many sellers. It is also cheaper in price.

3. Size:: 18 mukhi rudraksh is available in many sizes. The Nepali rudraksh is bigger and costlier. One should choose the collector size rudraksh for the best results.

3. Modification:: 18 mukhi rudraksh that is not tampered and modified in any way is costlier than a modified rudraksh.

To get maximum benefits from an 18 mukhi rudraksh and increase its life span, the rudraksh has to be cleaned once every 1-2 months. The person should take some measures to keep the rudraksh pure, clean, and neat.

 Use a new, clean, and soft-bristled brush to clean the ridges on the rudraksh.

 Use a cotton ball or soft cloth to apply oil for some sheen on the rudraksh.

 Use olive oil, sesame oil, or mustard oil. Add only a single drop.

 If wearing the rudraksh in a silk thread, change it periodically to prevent dirt from accumulating on it.

Things to avoid:

 Do not use soap, shampoo, or detergent to clean the rudraksh.

 Do not soak the rudraksh in milk or oil for cleaning purposes.

 Do not leave them at random places when not wearing them.

 Do not wear the rudraksh when a taking bath. The soap residue will get stuck in the ridges and harm the bead.

 Do not expose the rudraksh to heat or excess sunlight. It will start to crack.

And finally, if you want to purchase 18 mukhi rudraksh for the best price, visit Brahma Gems for 100% genuine, authentic, and lab-tested rudraksh.