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About Brahma Gems

The beginning of ‘Brahma Gems’

With an objective to spread the goodness of gemstones around the world, Mr. Anshul and Mrs. Nikita Goel founded Brahma Gems in 2011 under the parent name of M/s Aarush Gems Pvt. Ltd. Nature has blessed mankind with abundant treasures including gemstones which are found after tremendous hard work and under potential circumstances.

How our team work hard to give authentic and certified gemstones to you?....A glimpse

Brahma Gems is proud to have a resourceful team of over 20 professionals including gemologists, experts etc. who are well verse about all the facets of gemstones i.e. authenticity, importance, suitability etc. Moreover, we are privileged to be the member of GJEPC (Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India) since 2012.We believe that authenticity is the key in our field. We strive with passion and hard work to render 100% pure; Government certified and uncorrupted gemstones to our clients. A right gemstone can positively influence and change the life of wearer. We ensure to provide, intricately carved, polished and certified quality of gems to our customers. This involves testing of gems quality by IGI-GTL (Government lab), private labs like GRS, GIA or IGI(international lab) respectively. After a series of hard-core testing, we get the quality certificates of each of our gem.

Transparency check- take a look at the native Source of 100% Pure Gemstones

We offer a wide range of precious and rarest gemstones: Emerald, Sapphire, Blue Sapphire Ruby, Opals, Pearls,etc.We take pride in obtaining these rarest and original gemstones from their native sources i.e.

1. Sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Burma and Kashmir 2. Emerald (Panna) from Zambia, Columbia and Brazil 3. Ruby (Manikya) from Burma, Mozambique and various parts of Africa 4. Opals from Australia 5. Pearls (Moti) from Basra and other stones from different countries

Our global presence as ‘True Gemologists’

We envision expanding our work, knowledge and skills globally. In order to attain our vision, we have established registered offices at USA and UK respectively, which oversee our working operation with dedication and zeal and thus ensure a mass reachability. We have a fully equipped manufacturing team at Jaipur and our customers can reach to us both online as well as offline at our sales stores located in Delhi and Noida.

Essence of Gemstones and our key focus

Gemstones possess natural healing powers and are extremely precious. In the quest to find a right gemstone, as advised under astrology to get relief for their problems, people often become prey to frauds and end up paying their hard-earned money for fake, synthetic and corrupted gemstones. But, rest assured, Brahma Gems guarantees to help you get happiness, positivity and relief through your right gemstones at incredibly sustainable prices.

Genesis – The Name ‘Brahma Gems’

The inception of Brahma Gems is inspired by our passion towards gemology and our belief in the power of our ‘Creator’ i.e. Lord Brahma. Our mythology and Vedas has confirmed that this universe is a beautiful creation of Brahma, which hides innumerable gems and treasures in different shapes, sizes and nature. He made us and led us to discover gems, which are believed to mitigate the negative energies and effects of nine planets (Navagraha). For instance, Emerald For Mercury, Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) For Jupiter, Ruby for Sun, Blue Sapphire For Saturn and so on. We founded Brahma Gems to reinforce this belief that the creator has gifted us strength to solve our problems and has hidden purity in its gems that can be worn to help us change our life for betterment.


Brahma Gems intends to reach the mass across the globe where it can provide them life-transforming solutions through Gemology. We aim to provide 100% natural and precious birthstones, carving and polishing of gemstones and consultation on gems authenticity and suitability. We foresee to build trust of our consumers by assuring them quality in their chosen gem, providing them amazing range of precious & semi precious gems at online & offline stores and by guaranteeing authenticity & transparency in each transaction.


Our mission includes empowering happiness, good health and spirits in people’s lives by rendering consistent quality and purity in each of our gems displayed on our online and offline stores. We will put in tremendous efforts to cater to the needs of the masses and provide them with the apt solution to their problem.

Core Value & Philosophy

Purity precedes monetary value

In gemstone business, customers often end up purchasing fake gems, which are corrupted by heating and wrongful treatment, from fraudulent sellers. This way they lose their astronomical importance and are powerless. We understand the value of your investment and importance of gem in your life. So, we promise 100% purity in our gems.

Honest consultations

We have a team of Gemologists who have vast knowledge of each gem and their essence. Customers who wish to seek consultation on the quality, essence, influence and effect of these precious gems will attain honest opinions and guidance from our experts.

Transparency in transactions

We promote transparency in the business of gemstone. We guarantee you complete authentication and prove it by showing you impartial gemstone identification report and lab tested certificate of chosen gem. We assure you ‘what you see is what you get’ on our online or offline store.

Customer assurance

We offer a wide range of precious and semi-precious gemstones along with an array of free services and offers. For instance: Free Pan India Delivery, free certification of gem, free gem recommendation and free pooja energisation on the behest of our customer. Thus, customer assurance is paramount in our line of business.

Affiliations & Certifications

Brahmagems is proudly associated with world’s leading gemology institutes and organizations

GJEPC Certificate Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council
GIA Certificate Gemological Institute of America
IGI Certificate International Gemological Institute
GUBELIN Certificate Gübelin
Gem Lab
GRS Certificate Gem Research
IGI-GTL Certificate The Indian Gemmological Institute – Gem Testing Laboratory
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