5 Mukhi Rudraksha

Five or panch mukhi rudraksha is the most commonly found rudraksha for attaining good health and harmony in life. Infused with the immense power of Lord Shiva, the bead grants countless blessings in all spheres of life. Best quality 5 mukhi rudraksha is comes and found in Nepal.

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5 Mukhi Rudraksha

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5 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA (23.56 mm)
SKU : RDN044396
Origin : Nepal

₹ 1700

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5 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA (19.39 mm)
SKU : RD46227
Origin : Nepal

₹ 900

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Education About 5 Mukhi Rudraksha

5 mukhi rudraskha bead has 5 clefts or lines on it and symbolizes the five elements namely fire, sky, water, air and earth. The ruling planet of the five faced bead is Jupiter. Poverty, lack of harmony and the afflictions of Jupiter are cured by this rudraksha. People worship this bead for health, peace and improving memory. This five mukhi rudraksha can assist those who wish to meditate and grow spiritually. The sacred bead removes the ill effects of Jupiter; hence releasing the evil spells and unwanted bonds from the life of a wearer.

Rudraksha with 5 mukhis can be worn by anyone who wishes to ward off negativities from all spheres of their life and achieve all types of bhoga (leisure and comfort) To maximize the effect one can wear it on Thursday after pooja, and siddhi. The 5-faced rudraksha is perfect for Sagittarius and Pisces rashis. You can draw the beads in a silk or wool thread and cap it in silver or gold. You can wear it as a bracelet, necklace or pendant. You can buy a natural 5 Mukhi rudraksha from a trusted supplier or dealer who offers best quality at low price and a lab test certificate.

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With the blessings of Brihaspati, the wearer can amass knowledge, intellect and understanding. He or she is able to realise his or her true potential in all areas of life.


The 5 mukhi Rudraksha empowers students with good health of mind and body, giving them renewed physical and mental energy. It reduces the natural stress response when faced with situations like competitive examinations and interviews for higher education courses. It helps students to learn more effectively, improves long-term memory and makes recall easier. It allows them to excel in elocutions, debates and speeches. The 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial for students who lack the will to learn as it embodies the divine guidance of Guru Brihaspati.

Singles and Married Couples:

Singles in search of a suitable life partner can benefit immensely with a 5 mukhi rudraksha. It can give reserved or shy individuals greater self-confidence and attract new people into their lives. It corrects any imbalance in the throat chakra, which governs communication and connection with others. The 5 faced rudraksha is only helpful in releasing suppressed emotions and resolving past karmic conflicts.

The 5 Mukhi Rudraksha helps newly married couples to understand each other’s expectations and lead a happy and fulfilled life. For a lifetime of joy and peace, it is important to buy from a trusted dealer or 5 mukhi certified rudraksha shop.

Working Professionals

Wearing a 5 mukhi rudraksha can open the doors of success in business or career. It improves the intellectual capacity of the wearer and helps them think creatively. The 5 mukhi rudraksha is ideal for people who are in mass media, teaching, management and creative professions. It helps the wearer to attract good luck in interviews and professional exams. It also removes any obstacles in career growth, providing increased income and financial security for the wearer.

Retired Individuals

For people suffering from poor memory, age related diseases or social isolation, the 5 mukhi rudraksha can speed up recovery. It helps the wearer to grow spiritually, especially if he or she regularly practices mediation and chanting. It combats the harmful effects of depression, cognitive decline and improves communication and rapport with family and friends. The wearer of the 5 mukhirudraksha receives spiritual wisdom and changes negative thought patterns for the highest good.

Professionals working in the communication, media, broadcasting and coaching industry can benefit from the 5 mukhi rudraksha, regardless of their religious or community status. Individuals suffering from nervousness, fear of failure and low self-esteem can witness an increase in motivation, confidence and self-belief, after wearing the 5 mukhi rudraksha on a regular basis.

Relief from respiratory illness like Asthma, bronchitis and hay fever can be achieved by wearing the 5 mukhi rudraksha with faith and devotion. It helps regulate blood pressure and has multiple health benefits including lower cholesterol and better digestion.

Five Mukhi Rudraksh is highly beneficial for people with Sagittarius and Pisces Rashi.

How to Wear 5 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Before wearing the 5 mukhi rudraksha, it is important to be aware of the correct process. This energises the rudraksha and provides faster results for the wearer. According to Rudraksha experts, it is important to perform a vidhi before wearing a rudraksha. This is a simple ritual, which can be performed at home on any auspicious day. The vidhi or puja is based on the teachings of the puranas. It is best to perform the puja early in the morning, in a prayerful atmosphere.

The pooja for activating the 5 mukhi rudraksha can be performed in 2 ways.

They are:

 Perform an abhishek of the Rudraksha with Gangajal or Panchamrut

 Gently apply sandalwood paste on the 5mukhi rudraksha

 With agarbatti or kapur, purify the rudraksha

 Offer white flowers to the rudraksha

 As the final step, gently touch the rudraksha to a shivling or photo of Lord Shvia, chanting 'Om Namah Shivaya' 11 times.

To perform the 2 nd type of puja, you will need:

Panchagavya/Panchamrit and Gangajal in an achmani, along with puja material such as peepal leaves, gangajal, kapur and coconut.

 Sit facing north as it is auspicious

 Add a few drops of Gangajal to a bowl of water and clean the rudraksha

 Place 9 peepal leaves on a copper plate.

 Offer white flowers and apply sandalwood paste to the rudraksha

Chant ‘AUM Namaha Shivay, Aum Hreem Namaha’ 108 times.

5 mukhi rudraksha price details depend can change depending on the shape, point of origin and size.

1. Size: The 5 mukhi rudraksha is generally small in size. The size varies between 15mm to 24 mm, depending on where it originated. Depending on their age and personal preference, customers can choose from a range of different sizes.

2. Origin: The five Mukhi Nepali rudraksha can be found in Nepal. It is also found in the Java region of Indonesia. There may be minor differences in terms of colour and texture between the two types.

3. Shape: The 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is oval in shape and has an uneven external surface

5 mukhi rudraksha beads must be taken proper care of. It is important to:

 Brush the mukhis with light strokes to remove accumulated dust or grime

 Soakit in plain water at night and dry in sunlight.

 Clean with oil.

Things to avoid:

 Commercial detergent or chemicals


 Talcum powder

 Excessive heat