Moon Stone

As the name suggests, the semi-precious natural moon stone derives its amazing properties from the planet Moon. Extracted from Feldspar, (a common mineral), this gem is extremely divine and lucky for lovers to make a fresh start. The gemstone associated with emotional balance controls aggression and stress, thus eliminating negativity. It is majorly found in Sri-Lanka and Australia.


As per Vedic astrology, an original Moon stone gem can be worn by anyone but is especially lucky for those born in June. The pre-energized Moon stone, if worn as per jyotish rituals, is said to yield better results.


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Moon Stone

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Education About Moon Stone

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moon stone carries a powerful, centuries-old name for its high aesthetics, different mystical qualities and remedial abilities. This gemstone is notably featured in the ancient texts of India, Rome, China, and Egypt. From Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie. Forever worn as a sign of class and style throughout the centuries. Rated as the queen of gems, the stone is labeled by different names in different countries and cultures such as 'Tarak Ratna' or 'Chandra Ratna' in Hindi.

Bears Anger:-

  • According to the Vedas – Moon controls sentiments. Therefore, the stone is often prescribed to individuals who find trouble in managing their rage. Wearing the stone exhibits such individuals to stay relaxed, confident and certain.

Brings Certainty in Thoughts:- 

  • Astrologers understand that wearing moon stone individuals in the professions where low concentration, high confidence, and better self-expression is extremely needed. Success in creative and artistic pursuits are regarded as some important benefits of wearing moon stone.

Increases Maternal Relationship:-

  • Since Moon is connected with the parent or the nurturer in the Vedic astrology, wearing Chandra Ratna - Moon stone serve the well-being of a person's mother and increase their respective bonding.

Better Eyes, Skin & Heart:-

  • According to the ancient texts, wearing real moon stone profits the person to get support from water-borne illnesses. It is said that the positive energies of moon stone stimulate the water balance in the body and thereby helps the wearer to gain clean youthful skin, bright eyes, and robust circulatory system.


As per Indian astrology, the Moon stone is connected with the favorable planet Moon. Wearing the stone enables in strengthen Moon in the person's horoscope and blesses them with calmness, mental balance, positivity, and good health.

Vedic astrology recommends Moon Stone for Kark Rashi.

Western astrology also prescribes the stone for Cancer Sign which is Kark Rashi

Ascendants of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces can also wear Moon Stone to gain good results.

Dharan Vidhi:-

Sitting in front of any temple, wash the ring in a Kalash with pure unboiled cow milk, ganga jal, honey and flower. Keep chanting the mantra "Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandmse Namah" at least 108 times. 

After this, wash that ring with Ganga Jal and wear the same with positive thoughts. Endow of Moon to get maximum benefits.

Weight:- Minimum 1/10th of the body weight; for example, if a person weighing 50 kg, can wear a 5 carat ( 5.50 Ratti ).

Colour:- For best jyotish or Astrological results basra, venezuela & south sea pearls are most of the recommended Moon Stone.

Metal:- Silver is the best-suited metals for natural Moon Stone.

Finger:- Little Finger of either of the hand.

Day and Time:- Monday Morning. 6:00AM TO 9:00AM

Moon Stone Mantra & Chanting time:- Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandmse Namah (In Hindi) 108 times

Planet:- Moon

Vedic Rashi:- Cancer (Kark)

Western Sun Sign:- Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces

Moon Stone price changes with the quality and extent of the stone. The quality of the stone is usually determined by the factors such as its type, color, surface perfection, lustre and shape. The availability and request of specific type and colors also create a variation in the Moon Stone in the global market.


  • Moon stone are basically of two types, First the naturally formed - Natural Moon stone’ & other the ‘manually produced - Cultured Moon stone’. The freshwater moon stone that cost around Rs 300 per carat and serves as the cheapest option but possesses no astrological significance. Because of its tremendous scarcity and high demand, the natural moon stone worth 10 times more than the Polished pearl. From many origin varieties of the stone, the real Moon stone remains substantially powerful sue to its traditional importance. Other unusual types like the Tahitian Moon stone and Mabe Moon stone may too experience a high value in the gem market for its beauty and wonder


  • It is extremely tough to find a well round Moon stone. Hence, the more round Moon stone, the more worthy it becomes. The ornately shaped Moon stone is more is clearly available and comparatively cheaper.


  • Usually, the less and shorter are the fault, higher expensive is the Moon stone. Because of its natural composition, secondary flaws don’t create a meaningful value exception. A Moon stone with dazzling brilliance merits a greater value, on the other hand, dull and opaque pearl are valued cheaply.


  • The Price of the Moon stone is higher for the white gemstones with a but rosy overtone. Creamy golden sea or the Tahitian black Moon stone cost too rests on the higher side due to its dark exotic color. The proximity of yellowish and greenish overtone might produce a decline in the moon stones's overall cost.


  • Size carries a great impact on the pearl per carat. Big size Moon stone are costly compared to a similar smaller pearl as it uses a lot of time in its creation. Therefore, the bigger the bigger the pearl the more its cost.

Presently, Moon stone in Indian rs begins from Rs 300 per carat and can go up to Rs 500 per carat  and above.

Why 90 % of the people are not getting results from Moon Stone?

Moon stone is exceptionally good to control anger and spread positivity in the wearer's mind. However, most of the times, you do not see positive results after wearing it. Let's find out why!

Is it real?:- 

  • The market is flooded with fake gemstones. There are dealers out there who sell fake gemstones at their original price. So, the chances are, that the Moon stone you're currently wearing might be not the real one. A fake stone won't work, no matter what you do.

Is it Heated?:- 

  • There are stones that are original Moon stone, however, they are heated. Heating is basically done to improve the color or clarity of the gemstone. Always get your gemstone from a trusted gemstone dealer.

Is it Treated?:- 

  • The reason behind why your gemstone is not working might be because it is treated. The process may improve the stone's beauty, however not it's value. Also, wearing these stones won't provide any kind of astrological benefits as well.


The quality of a natural moon stone relies immensely on its origin, body color, surface texture, glow, and shape.


  • The top quality moon stone are sourced from the coast of South India, Japan, Myanmar, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela. The stone also found in the Basra city of Persian Gulf are deemed the most worthy due to their immense rare and strong historical importance. South Sea pearls from India, ‘Kahil Moti’ from Sri Lanka, Mikimoto moon stone and Akoya moon of Japan are comparatively less precious, however, quite popular in the gems and jewelry industry.


  • Moon stone body color and inferences rely on the type of Mollusc that allows them. The lighter and brighter is the Moon stone color, the more relevant is the gemstone. Normally, a pure white Natural Moon stone with a bit of rosy overtone is known to be the premium quality. Cream colored pearl is considered as the second most preferred choice. Due to the different color, the deep golden and black moon stone are known to be very rare and valued accordingly.


  • Moon stone is formed of layers of a tough natural material known as Nacre that creates a facade shine when light reaches through its layers. A perfect quality Pearl with thick nacre layer frequently presents a glowing lustre and are viewed as entirely helpful. In contradiction, the normal-quality pearl with bad nacre seems too white, simple and pale in the display.


  • According to the Pearl masters, the small dots and the detailed spot on Moon’s cover proof its actual origin. Theses spots emerge from the ends and jerks happened inside the Mollusc’s body throughout the Moon stone formation. The appearance of fewer surface defects and blemish signifies a higher quality and a more expensive Moon stone.


  • Moon stone are simple organic gemstones, so can happen in any potential appearance which presents this gemstone both fascinating and one-of-a-kind. Commonly, the round and near-round Moon stone are unique and considered most worthy. Moon stone in balanced shape is forever favored over the ones in baroque shapes.

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Moon stone are really delicate and with proper care and cleaning, it can maintain their luster for years. While purchasing Moon stone, pick these with thick nacre to assist them to withstand wear over time.

Keep them away from household chemicals such as hairspray, cosmetics, perfume, alcohol and other harsh chemicals, which can create blemishes and stains and dull their luster over time. To avoid these effects, Moon stone should be the last item put on when dressing and the first item removed after returning home.

The stones carry a natural material called conchiolin. In time, this metal will dry out and high temperatures will destroy it. Water, fewer times, carry acid which might dissolve the aragonite crystals making, up the layers of nacre. So, wash and dry your Moon stone jewelry gently after you wear it.

Wash Moon stone in very mild, soapy water and nothing else. Wipe them with a soft cloth before storing them.