4 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Brahma and strengthens the mental abilities, helping the wearer to acquire divine wisdom and knowledge. This wisdom covers the four major states of consciousness i.e. conscious state, dream state, deep sleep and super conscious awareness. The ruler of the 4-mukhi rudraksha is Brihaspati. It is especially beneficial for students and academic professionals who are facing difficulties in being assertive and confident while communicating. The energy of the 4 mukhi rudraksha improves memory, presence of mind, charm and social skills. It increases the natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge and spiritual growth. People in the field of communication, media and marketing can benefit immensely from the 4 Mukhi rudraksha. It is recommended for anyone working in creative and academic fields, including those in leadership positions.

Natural Four Mukhi Rudraksha is recommended for people born in Gemini rashi. To buy 4 mukhi rudraksha online, visit Brahma Gems- a leading supplier of certified original rudraksha beads since 2011.

  • Students
  • Singles and Married Couples
  • Working Professionals
  • Retired Individuals

The majority of people do not get good results for the following reasons:

1. Is the 4 mukhi rudraksha of good quality?

A natural 4 mukhi rudraksha gets its name because it has 4 mukhis or lines running vertically from top to bottom. If the bead has been polished or treated with chemicals, it might develop crack or other structural defects. Before buying a 4 mukhi rudraksha, buyers need to make sure that the shop they are buying it from is certified and has enough experience in handling rudraksha beads. It is important to ask for a quality certificate from the shop to avoid disappointment later.

Damage may occur during capping or beading to form a mala. If proper hygiene is not maintained, the effectiveness of a 4 mukhi rudraksha may reduce. Irregular use is also a cause of poor results.

2. Is the 4 mukhi rudraksha original?

To buy 4 mukhi rudraksha online, always check the reviews regarding the origin, size and quality. Some fake products can have artificially carved mukhis, which are sold for a cheap price. The differences between real and fake rudrakshas can be very subtle and difficult to detect. Hence, it is advised that buyers carefully check the rudraksha for consistency in terms of the depth of mukhi and the shape. It is suggested that a 4 mukhi rudraksha is chosen as per the astrological chart of the buyer for quick results.

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