20 Mukhi Rudraksha

One of the most powerful rudraksha, 20 mukhi is a boon to mankind and is ruled by Lord Brahma. The holy and special bead blesses the wearer with the power to create. It is one-of-a-kind natural rudraksha that is associated with immense knowledge in the field of arts, music and science.

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20 Mukhi Rudraksha
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Education About 20 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 20 mukhi rudraksha is the rarest of all and is blessed by Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. The rudraksha has very high healing powers and blesses the wearer with knowledge, power, and a healthy body. When a person who wears twenty mukhi rudraksha from Nepal is bitten by a snake, the rudraksha will nullify and cancel the effects of snakebite. Wearing this rudraksha will make the person honest and truthful in actions, words, and deeds. One can wear the religious bead in a silk or woollen thread capped in gold/silver metal.”Om Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Brahmane Namah” is the mantra to be recited before wearing the twenty-faced rudraksha. It is advised to wear this rudraksha on Monday.

20 faced rudraksha is one of the most powerful rudraksha because it rules all planets. The powers and blessings of the Holy Trinity- Brahma, Vishu, and Shiva, along with the powers of the Ashta Digpals (the eight Gods namely Indra, Agni, Vayu, Varun, Kuber, Soam, Brahaspati, and Vishnu) are bestowed on natural 20 mukhi rudraksha. The nine planets in this universe are also ruled by this rudraksha. The total count comes to 20, symbolizing the 20 mukhi rudraksha. The original 20 mukhi rudraksha is from Nepal and is extremely hard to find. To buy 20 mukhi rudraksha at the best price, visit Brahma Gems, the only store in India that sells 100% genuine, non-fraudulent and lab-xray report certified rudraksha.

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When you buy 20 faces rudraksha in Delhi-India or in any other place, you will attain knowledge of arts, music, philosophy, and, science. The person who wears it will attract wealth and power. The following are the other benefits of wearing the original 20 mukhi rudraksh.

Health Benefits

 The 20 mukhi rudraksh cures paralysis.

It helps control and cures autism.

 It reduces arthritis, knee and joint pains, and rheumatism.

 It helps control diabetes.

 It improves vision by reducing eye problems.

 It protects the wearer from snake poison and snake bites according to Ancient Scriptures.

Spiritual Benefits

The 20 mukhi rudraksh helps in the spiritual progress and journey of the wearer.

It removes doubts and fears from the wearer’s mind and fills it with knowledge.

 It adds to the wit and intelligence of the wearer and increases creativity.

The wearer becomes patient and attains self-confidence.

Common benefits

 The 20 mukhi rudraksh blesses the wearer to achieve anything in life.

 It gives the person a required strength to become successful and achieve name, fame, and wealth.

 It brings prosperity and wealth to the person who wears it.

People in the creative field, students, lawmakers, and other servicemen and women will benefit from wearing 20 mukhi rudraksh. They will attract the necessary knowledge, power, and creativity to become famous in their respective fields of work.

Men, women, and children- anybody can wear the 20 mukhi rudraksh. Leaders and politicians who wish to attain success should wear this rudraksh. Homemakers or women in creative fields should wear 20 mukhi rudraksh. Students who wish to attract immense knowledge should wear this rudraksh. Ambitious people who want to reach great heights should wear 20 mukhi rudraksh to help them in their goals.

People who are looking for philosophical and spiritual progress and attainment in life should wear this rudraksh. The 20 mukhi rudraksh controls the Vishuda Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra in the body. The mantra jap of Brahma mantras open these chakras and with 20 mukhi rudraksh, the wearer can alleviate and stimulate both the chakras.

How to Wear 20 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Hinduism and rituals are interconnected. There is a deep significance behind every ritual. It is essential to follow the rituals without fail to get the benefits of wearing a 20 mukhi rudraksha.

 Ruled by Lord Brahma, the rudraksh fights against negative forces and evil surrounding the wearer. It should be energized before being worn.

 Monday is the best day to wear the 20 mukhi rudraksh.

 Wake up early in the morning and clean the place where you will perform the pooja.

 Take a bath and wear clean, fresh clothes.

 Sit facing the east side and place the 20 mukhi rudraksh on a neat place in the front.

 A 20 mukhi rudraksh should be capped in gold or silver. It can be worn in a silk thread or entwined with gold/ silver chain.

 Apply sandalwood paste on the rudraksh, close your eyes and chant the following mantras 108 times each.

 “ Brahmatave Srajaye vishvam Sthitow Palyate punah 

 “ Om Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Brahmane Namaha 

 Do not pronounce the mantras wrong. Hreem is pronounced as Hreeng and Hoom is pronounced as Hoong.

 Sprinkle gangajal and wear the 20 mukhi rudraksh around the neck or tie it at the wrist.

 Place the rudraksh at the altar when not wearing it.

 The beads should touch the body of the wearer for them to get the maximum benefits. Only when it touches the skin is that the rudraksh can activate the chakras.

The price of a 20 mukhi rudraksh depends on the following four main factors.

1. Authenticity:: An authentic 20 mukhi rudraksh from Nepal is rare and highly expensive.

2. Genesis::The commonly found Sri Lankan and South Indian 20 mukhi rudraksh are cheap as they are easily available. The Nepal rudraksh is the costliest one.

3. Size:: The 20 mukhi rudraksh comes in many sizes. The price increases as the size of the rudraksh increases. Buy collector size rudraksh for the best results.

3. Modification:: The 20 mukhi rudraksh comes in many sizes. The price increases as the size of the rudraksh increases. Buy collector size rudraksh for the best results.

To ensure that the 20 mukhi rudraksh has a long life and continues to give you the desired benefits, it has to be cleaned once every 1 or 2 months.

 Use only a new, soft-bristled brush to gently brush away the dirt in the ridges.

 Use a soft cloth or a cotton ball to wipe the rudraksh.

 Add one drop of oil (sesame or mustard) on the cotton ball and rub it on the rudraksh for sheen.

Things to avoid:

 Do not use any soap, shampoo or detergent.

No soaking or dipping in any liquid.

 Do not wear the rudraksh while taking a bath or while sleeping.

 Do not leave the rudraksh at random places.

 Do not expose it to excess heat or sunlight.

Lastly, if you wish to buy 20 mukhi rudraksha online, trust only Brahma Gems to provide authentic, certified, and X-ray tested rudraksh at the best price in India.