16 Mukhi Rudraksha

16 mukhi rudraksha is one of the rarest of the rare beads found in Nepal and Indonesia.The fortunate bead is identical to the divine vibrations of Lord Maha Mritunmjaya Shiva. Natural sixteen mukhi rudraksha makes a wearer truthful, positive, fearless and honest in all his actions. This Rudraksha is also related to Sixteen Kala (attainments and Siddhi). 

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16 Mukhi Rudraksha

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Education About 16 Mukhi Rudraksha

The sixteen mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Lord Maha Mrityunajaya Shiva and Lord Rama. It is one of the most powerful Rudraksha that helps ward off evil forces. Also called ‘Jai Rudraksha’, the wearer is able to overcome the fear of death and illusions from his mind. This rudraksha helps control the malefic effects of Planet Rahu. The Beej Mantra for this rudraksha is ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. The pure 16 Mukhi Rudraksha empowers the Svadhisthana chakra of the body that is representative of the water element in the body. As per Hindu literature, the wearer of the bead is blessed even by Lord Yama or the Lord of Death.

 The wearer of this divine rudraksha experiences a great amount of inner strength. The wearer is not only able to experience happiness and satisfaction, but also overcome fears, deceptions, illusions and deceits. It also helps protect the wearer’s house from fire and accidents. The 16 faced nepali rudraksha is quite rare – at least the original rudraksha beads. People who wish to really benefit from this rudraksha must buy the authentic, real and well-developed 16 mukhi rudraksha from a trustworthy and certified dealer online like Brahma Gems, the country’s primary supplier and seller of original beads.

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Following its name, Jai Rudraksha or 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is synonymous with victory of the wearer. This means to say that the wearer is able to gain victory in all kinds of situations – be it a new venture or undertaking, task, project, fears, tribulations, oppositions, challenges and more.

Healing Benefits

 The wearer of this bead helps heal from diseases like TB and leprosy.

 The bead also helps heal lung infections.

The Rudraksha also helps the wearer cure from urinary and urogenital diseases, afflictions of the intestine and the uterus.

 The wearer also helps with chronic and acute back pain.

 Helps with blessing the wearer with a calm disposition.

Wearing this pious bead helps the wearer recover from most diseases.

Spiritual Benefits

 The wearer is able to experience positivity and peace.

 The entire family is in fact able to experience harmony and get protection from evil forces like occult and black magic.

 The entire family turns out to be victorious in all aspects of life.

 The wearer is freed from the fear of death – his own or that of his close ones.

 It is believed that the wearer is protected from accidents, untimely death, and natural calamities.

 Wearing this Divine and powerful Rudraksha is freed from all past sins and blessed with worldly comforts and luxuries.

General benefits

 One of the topmost benefits of wearing the 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is freedom from fears and diseases, nightmares, death, legal issues and lack of resources.

The other common benefit is that it encourages the wearer to realize their own potential and work towards using their self-potential.

 It enhances the intellectual power, logical reasoning, vocabulary and wisdom

Family Benefits

It is not only the wearer but also his family and relationships that benefit when a person wears the original 16 faced Nepali Rudraksha.

The family bonding strengthens after wearing this bead.

The wearer is bestowed with strong relationships.

The 16 Mukhi Rudraksha affects the Base Chakra or Mooladhara Chakra. The person is able to tread on the path of spiritual healing while he fulfils all his world responsibilities with complete thoroughness.

The 16 Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn by people who are not able to live a happy and contented life because of the malefic affect of the Planet Moon. People who are scared of death, are insecure and have other negative influences should definitely try this bead. This Rudraksha can be worn by any person, but people who are working as administrators, leaders like politicians, sales and marketing people, businessmen will benefit from wearing this Rudraksha.

How to Wear 16 Mukhi Rudraksha?

The 16 Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn around the neck or around the wrist as a bracelet. using a silk or a wool thread.

In order to benefit from the Rudraksha, you need to follow proper ritual.

 Choose to wear this bead on Monday

 In order to wear the Rudraksha, you need to wake up early. Have a bath and wear fresh clothes.

 Sit facing the East direction in your prayer room, infront of an idol of Lord Shiva.

 Wash the Rudraksha in water, fresh milk and then in Holy water.

 Pray to the Lord, apply sandalwood paste on the bead, lit incense sticks and diyas.

 Complete the prayer with sweets, fruits and Panchamrit.

 Chant the Beej Mantra 108 times and wear the bead.

The price of the 16 Mukhi Rudraksha will depend on three factors –

1 The place from where the Rudraksha has been derived. Beads from Nepal are the purest form of this natural seed.

2. The price also depends on the size of the bead. Smaller beads cost less and bigger ones are expensive.

3. Also, original beads will cost substantially more than fake ones.

In order to buy the 16 Mukhi Rudraksha at best price , you need to go to an authentic seller, online or offline.

The full benefit of 16 Mukhi Rudraksha can be achieved only when you take care of the bead. Here are few ways to take care.

 Always wash the beads with the Holy Water.

 Use a soft brush to clean the beads.

 Before wearing the bead, ensure that the bead is completely dry.

 Apply sandalwood oil or olive oil to the dried Rudraksha with the brush.

 When the beads are not worn, you need to keep it in the prayer room.

Things to avoid:

 Remove the beads at night. Do not wear the beads and sleep.

Remove the beads when exercising or working out or swimming.

 Never show off or put the bead on display infront of others.

 Stay away from alcohol and non-vegetarian food when wearing this bead.

 Also, do not indulge in any kind of negative activity like deceiving people, lying etc. when wearing the bead.

Ensure that you buy authentic 16 Mukhi Rudraksha from certified sellers like Brahma Gems. They will provide an x-ray report along with other authentication report as a proof of originality and purity.