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White Sapphire

White sapphire is an extremely clear, pale and precious gem of the corundum mineral family. vedic astrology suggests this stone as an astrological substitute of the diamond. 

Why 90% of the people are not getting results from White Sapphire
1. Is it a Natural White Sapphire Gemstone?

The major problem with people is they don't even know that they are wearing a White Sapphire Gemstone, every White Sapphire looking stone is not a White Sapphire Gemstone it can be cubic zirconium or Moissanite or any other artificial stone and if you are wearing such stones you will not get the result.

2. Is the gemstone you are wearing is heated?

If you are wearing the White Sapphire Gemstone but it is heated then you will not get the results you are looking for, generally in heat treatment beryllium is used, you will not get the result by wearing the beryllium heated White Sapphire gemstone.

3. Is the gemstone treated also?

Nowadays various kind of treatments are done on gemstone to enhance the clarity of the particular stone, for example glass is filled inside the gemstone to enhance the clarity, you will never get the result from the treated stone.


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  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Round
  • Square Cut
  • Trillion
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