Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) yellow coloured gemstone belongs to the Corundum mineral family. Being one of the most recognised gemstones in Vedic astrology, the stone can be worn for Business, Marriage, Child Conceiving, and Career. Natural Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is linked with Jupiter (Brihaspati), one of the most powerful planet in Ancient astrology. Yellow Sapphire generally comes from Sri-Lanka (ceylon).

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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

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Education About Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj stone belongs to the Corundum mineral family and removes the malefic effects of planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) that can damage your financial and social standing when placed in the wrong position. Pukhraj is advised to wear on “Thursday” on the “index finger of right hand”.

Jupiter or guru (teacher) has the power to bless an individual in all aspects of life and ward off multiple problems. Astrologically, pukhraj is said to be the most powerful stones among all the navratnas and is held as a birthstone for November-born. Natural yellow sapphire can bring fortune to the wearer in the fields of trade, law, research analysis and teaching. Original pukhraj stone is also helpful in treating health conditions like jaundice, throat and kidney ailments. The pukhraj ratna helps students in attaining a successful career. Found mainly in natural reserves of Sri Lanka or Ceylon; yellow sapphire from this origin is high priced and the most authentic. Aluminum oxide and slight traces of iron provide pukhraj its yellow colour. One should note that the heated-treated gems are not real and might end up giving zero results. For 100% natural Sri Lankan yellow sapphire you can look for a trusted dealer like Brahma Gems that offer lab-certified gemstones along with recommendations based on your horoscope. Price may vary as per the size of the rashi ratna.

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From improving your financial status, to showering an individual with good health, fame, name and honour; yellow sapphire goes a long way in providing prosperity and astrological benefits to the wearer. We list down a few about the safest gemstone.  


  • Love, continuation of family and marital bliss are few of the benefits inflicted on the wearer. It is said that married women must wear yellow sapphire for harmonious marital life. Wearer is also blessed with children.

Spiritual knowledge:-

  • The gem brings wisdom, fortune and protection from evil spirits. The wearer is also bestowed with glory and mental peace. Better behaviour is seen in an individual as it reduces the tendency of getting angry.

Academic excellence:- 

  • Students and aspirants who wear pure jyotish pukhraj excel in what they aim for by improving their intelligence. This gem in connection with the Guru (teacher), as Jupiter is called as per Vedic astrology helps the student or professionals to take correct decisions and achieve maximum success.

Business and profession:-

  • Yellow sapphire also imbibes knowledge of law, ethics and worldly happiness; the reason advocates, lawyers and scholars benefit immensely from the gem.


  • Illness like jaundice, liver infections, increased cholesterol and disorder of pancreas can be controlled with the auspicious healing stone. The yellow stone also provides mental peace, courage and happiness.

Best Natural Yellow Sapphire Online

Yellow Sapphire is linked with Jupiter, one of the most powerful planet in ancient astrology. While wearing this stone, it is vital to make sure that your jupiter sunshine is positively placed in the native's birth chart.

Vedic astrology suggests Pukhraj stone for Sagittarius and Meen Rashi. Western astrology prescribes Yellow Sapphire Birthstone for Sagittarius.

This gemstone can also be worn by Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio.

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How to Wear Yellow Sapphire Ring or Pendent?

Yellow sapphire is a mystical gemstone, which is connected with the dominant planet Jupiter or Guru, the teacher and wearing it with proper steps can enable you to receive the highest profits. Also, individuals should always buy an original yellow sapphire.

The first thing to be kept in mind is the gemstone weight. If the person, who wish to wear yellow sapphire is below 23 years old, he or she should wear a stone up to 5 ratti. The merest weight should be 3.25 carats. But, if the wearer is above 23 years, a yellow sapphire weighing 5-7 ratti will be more useful.

Dharan Vidhi:- 

Wash the Ring in a Kalash with Cow Milk and Ganga Jal and keep during chanting, burn incense sticks and recite Jupiter Mantra at least 108 times. 

After this, wash that Ring with Ganga Jal and wear with positive thoughts. Endow of Jupiter to get maximum benefits.

Weight:- Minimum 1/10th of the body weight; for example, if a person weighing 50 kg, can wear a 5 carat ( 5.50 Ratti ).

Colour:- For best jyotish or astrological results light yellow or golden yellow color is recommended.

Metal:- Gold and Panchdhatu are best-suited metals for Pukhraj.

Finger:- Index finger of either of the hand.

Day and time:- Thursday early morning Between 6:00AM to 9:00AM.

Yellow Sapphire Mantra & Chanting time:- "Om Ghram Ghreem Ghroum Sah Guruve Namah" 108 times

Planet:- Jupiter 

Vedic Rashi:- Sagittarius & Pisces 

Western Sun Sign:- Aries, Cancer, Leo & Scorpio

Buy Original Yellow Sapphire Online

Price of a yellow sapphire depends upon the 4 factors CUT, COLOR, CLARITY, CARAT, (4C’s) weight origin and treatment.


  • The cutting of the stone/gemstone not only improves the virtue of the gemstone but also cover the inclusions. Also, a better faceted yellow sapphire is valued more over a normal or odd shape Pukhraj.


  • Color is one of the most significant factors in any gemstone or yellow sapphire. It directly links to the cost of yellow sapphire. A bright yellow or lemon color yellow sapphire to an extremely dark yellow or golden yellow will link to the value of it.


  • In simple words the clearer the stone the higher the value. Inclusions in any gemstone can be viewed with a bare eye or with an eyeglass. as far as the stone is natural, inclusions will be there.

Carat Weight:-

  • The higher the weight, the rare the pc it becomes. Price per carat increases with its size.

Origin/ Source:-

  • Origin of a yellow sapphire or any other gemstone is a very important factor to decide its price.
  • Srilankan (Ceylonese) origin is considered best in yellow sapphire (pukhraj). Ceylon pukhraj can cost between 1000 to 100000 per carat ($14 to $1427), depending upon all other factors. Thailand or Bangkok yellow sapphires are generally heated and treated, resulting in a more economical price but no Astrological or Jyotish value.


  • Hight temperature treatments are used to improve color or to improve the accuracy of yellow sapphire. Glass lead is also used to fill the pits and cracks for better transparency.
  • It is always recommended to Buy a certified yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) online or from the shopkeeper, along with a certificate which clearly indicates the stone is 100% authentic.

Buy Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone

Natural properties of yellow sapphire make it a popular gemstone, metaphysically and aesthetically. To stay away from getting duped by fake dealers, one should mind the following guidelines while purchasing yellow sapphire online or from dealers.


  • Pukhraj stone covers many colors from pale to bright golden yellow to orange to green. Yet, bright yellow or lemon is one of the most precious color both astrologically and aesthetically. It is discovered mostly in Sri Lankan to Ceylonese yellow sapphire and less frequently in others.


  • Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) tends to have fewer inclusions than other precious gemstones. However, inclusions may still be present, remaining invisible to the bare eye. When visible, these inclusions appear as tufts or fingerprints and can reduce the value of the stone.


  • Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Australia are rich sources of natural yellow sapphires. Nevertheless, Ceylonese yellow sapphire is commonly famous for its color and clarity consistency, supported by Burma Yellow Sapphire. Thailand, African or Madagascar origins are less famous due to its bad color concentration and high inclusions.

Why 90% of the people are not getting results from Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is considered, one of the most powerful gemstones according to Jyotish astrology. If worn in a correct way, it can provide immense power to its wearer. People struggling with issues in their lives can seek a great amount of help while wearing this stone. However, in most cases, the stone doesn't work. Do you know why? Why several benefits do not get the number of benefits the stone serves? Find out below.

Is your Yellow Sapphire Real?

  • The market is flooded with fake gemstones. There are dealers out there who sell fake gemstones at their original price. So, the chances are, that the yellow sapphire you're currently wearing might be not the real one. A phony yellow sapphire won't work, no matter what you do. An original yellow sapphire stone encompasses the following characteristics or properties.


  • The real yellow stone appears crystal clear and the piece of the stone is large and without layers. A good quality yellow sapphire stone matches the shape of setting Sun when it is being warmed up in the fire. The color of the original yellow sapphire stone improves when it is being scrubbed against a wall or touchstone.

Is your Yellow Sapphire heated?

  • There are stones that are original yellow sapphire, however, they are heated. Heating is basically done to enhance the color or clarity of yellow sapphire or any gemstone for that matter. In the certificate, it is clearly mentioned that if the stone is heated, then you won't get the desired results.

Is your yellow sapphire treated?

  • Various treatments are done such as beryllium to enhance the clarity and color of the gemstones. On yellow sapphire, the treatment is being done to specifically enhance the yellow color and its beauty. However, if your gemstone is treated, you won't get its astrological benefits.

Is your yellow sapphire Glassfilled?

  • If your gemstone is both treated and heated, then it's definitely glassfilled In some countries, it is declared as a synthetic gemstone and not an original one.
  • Always go for a lab certification before buying any gemstone. The certificate will assure you that the gemstone is free from all the treatments.

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How to Care & Clean Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow sapphire is won by individuals all over the world. Astrologers advise people to wear the stone after considering their sun sign, date of birth, nature and various other factors. Majority of people, wear the stone in the ring form to draw the benefits out of it on day to day basis. However, when worn for a long period the stone stars getting stained with the sweat, dirt, food and other foreign particles.

As Pukhraj Stone is the second hardest element known to the human race, it is least harmed by any kind of detergent and washing methods. However, the safest way to clean a Yellow Sapphire is

Get a soft tissue or a cloth and wipe the dust off the gemstone.

Now, get some warm water and blend some soft or warm cleanser in it.

For immediate cleaning, wet the washing cloth into this mix and clean the Pukhraj Stone with this cloth.

For long cleansing, place the Pukhraj Ratna in this warm water mixed with detergent for 20-30 minutes.

Now, get a soft toothbrush and rub smoothly to exclude the blemishes perfectly.

Wash and dry the gemstone with a soft cloth and use after it has been dried off properly.

While cleaning a Pukhraj Stone, one must use warm water rather than boiling hot water. Fluids containing anti-static agents, brushes, and moisturizers may transmit marks and residue on the metal in which the stone is set. Also, one should never use perfumes and hairsprays on the gemstone as they take away the shine and glow and make it dull.

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