Meet Anshul Goel

Creator of 3 Dimensional Astro Energized Gemstone Protocol ™

I trust Anshul completely!

His guidance for gemstones helped me reach the pinnacle of success and helped me in embracing growth. His life reflects his sheer hard work, dedication, and 15+ years of experience. A great friend and guide.

— Richa Anirudh (Celebrity Journalist & Anchor)

Dear friend,

We at ‘Brahma Gems’ believe that it is our duty to reach the mass across the globe and provide the right advice and life-transforming solutions through Gemology.

Having spent two decades learning the impact of gemstones, experiencing it first-hand and, then helping people overcome their challenges, I can say with full conviction that right Gemstones with 100% purity can transform your life.

I have seen how people are being cheated with fake, impure, or diluted Gemstones. And, it has only cemented my resolve this issue with 3D Astro Energized Gemstones.

Watch my videos on YouTube to learn more about it and how it could benefit you and more. I also invite you to visit Brahma Gems Showroom or our online store for more information.

And I am also available to help you with your specific query. Just fill a form below to schedule a heart to heart talk with me. I am sure, I would be able to help you.

Your Friend,


Giving Wings To The Passion

Since the early years of his life Anshul had keen interest in ancient Indian culture. Over the years he got intrigued by the Gems and their mystical powers as mentioned in our ancient scriptures. And to sharpen the knowledge he persuaded a professional course in Gemology from Gemological Institute of India.

With growing time, his passion to proliferate happiness, good spirits and a sense of safety amongst people through gems enhanced which led him to kick-start ‘Brahma Gems’ in 2011.

Transforming Lives Of The Thousands

Coming from a highly reputed jeweler family, Anshul already had deep knowledge of this industry and natural entrepreneurship skills. Combining it with his passion to help people live a fulfilled life, Anshul successfully broaden his offline & online gemstone business in all parts of India and abroad.

Since 17 years in this profession, his mission remains the same - empowering people with happiness, good health and high spirits with mystic powers of Gemstones.

Schedule a 15-min Discovery Call

With Mr. Anshul Goel

During this discovery call, Anshul shall...

  • Listen to you and ascertain the challenges you are facing
  • Guide you with what Gemstone could help you
  • Guide you what precautions you should take while buying
  • Help you learn how to identify if the Gemstone is pure

Stories Of Transformation

The Gemstone Anshul picked for me opened the door to new energy for me and my family.

I was little skeptical about the Gems and how could it help me. But the empathy and patience Anshul showed and the suggestions he shared were awesome. My life is much more balanced and fulfilled now. Can't thank Anshul enough!

- Rochi Nargotra (Director- Phantom Healthcare)

Completely blown away with the extraordinary results I’ve received by wearing the gems Anshul suggested.

It is like living with immense energy and happiness round the clock. I am so grateful to Anshul. He is a gifted gemologist with a depth of knowledge and a keen desire to help people. Thanks a ton brother.

- Vaibhav Aggarwal (CEO- Expo Machines Tools)

Anshul helped me get my happiness back. No money can repay what he has done for me.

I was little nervous buying a Gemstone. But one sitting with Anshul cleared the clouds. Anshul @ Brahma Gems shares his immense experience in Gemstones and advice for buying what's right for you.

- Arjuun Chhokar (Director- Red Kite)
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