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Brahma Gems Brings the Finest Range of Natural Pearl Stone
Pearls are one of the most beautiful, coveted, and gifted jewellery options. Considered to be a benchmark of luxury, women love to wear jewellery pieces made with the finest and natural pearl stones. Brahma Gems brings an eclectic range of finest-quality pearls that are sure to grab your attention with its sheer elegance and beauty. 
Amazing Range of Pearls
Our range of Basra Natural Pearls has been legendary, and it still continues to evoke purest of pure emotions in the wearers. Originated from the Arabian and Persian Gulf, this quality of pearls is one of the finest and comes with a slightly yellowish tint. When planning to buy these pearls at Brahma Gems, you can rest assured about its authenticity because we sell them along with a certificate. The pearls are lab tested and assured of its authenticity before it is sold. 
Available at Lucrative Prices
At Brahma Gems, you can buy them at the original Pearl price. These pearls can be set in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewellery options making the wearer look an epitome of grace and elegance. 
Come and visit our online store or our offline store in Lajpat Nagar Delhi and Noida to buy the best quality pearls at very attractive prices. 

Pearl (Moti)

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SKU : PE0099
Origin : Venezuela

₹ 14720

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100% Pure and Govt. Approved Gemstones That go Light on Your Budget.

SKU : PE0206
Origin : South Sea

₹ 3440

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