14 Mukhi Rudraksha

Planet Mars and planet Saturn rule the sacred chaudah mukhi rudraksha. The original 14 mukhi rudraksha from Nepal gives the wearer the power to maintain a steady approach for solving any problem in life as it is identical to Lord Shiva.

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14 Mukhi Rudraksha

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14 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA (21.94 mm)
SKU : RDN044171
Origin : Nepal

₹ 30600

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14 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA (25.86 mm)
SKU : RDN011016
Origin : Nepal

₹ 30000

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Education About 14 Mukhi Rudraksha

Blessed by Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman, the pure 14 faces rudraksha is popular for being the most divine gemstone, also referred to as Dev Mani or Maha Shani in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Wearing this powerful bead helps appease its ruling planets Mars and Saturn. While Mars is related to passion and sexuality; Saturn helps or resists things to work in favour or against an individual, as per the planetary positions. Wearing natural 14 mukhi rudraksha in silk or woollen thread, capped in silver or gold in form of pendant or bracelet reverses the malefic effects of both these powerful planets.

This divine bead controls the third eye or the intuitive powers of a person, also called the Ajna Chakra. Wearing this rudraksha makes a person fearless and intuitive, both the forces helping the person work towards achievement of his goals and ambitions. It is the only rudraksha that is placed atop the shivling while worshipping Lord Shiva. All the other rudraksha are placed on the Yoni base around the linga. The original 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is rare and is in great demand because of its impactful benefits. Make sure you to buy 14 mukhi rudraksha online from a certified seller of beads and are energized by an expert or pundit.  Brahma Gems, India’s number one online shop for hundred percent pure rudraksha offers rudraksha beads along with certificates for the verification of originality and authenticity.

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The wearer of this strong auspicious Rudraksha is blessed with a strong willpower and a determined fearlessness. As per Hindu Vedas, the tree from which the original beads are derived was formed from the tears that fell on Lord Shiva’s third eye.

Healing Benefits

 Re-energize the bones and the muscle system of the wearer.

 Also provides great relief from issues like obesity, piles and arthritis.

Affects psychologically by making the wearer fearless and removing his latent phobias.

 Helps heal traumas and disorders related to the nervous system.

 Alleviates problems relating to heart, BP & Sugar

Spiritual Benefits

 Awakens the intuitive bend of mind of the wearer.

 It also helps the person identify his latent capabilities and potential

Energizes the Ajna Chakra or the intuitive mind of the person.

Helps the person become futuristic and pragmatic that leads to improvement in his present life, pardons his sins from the past and bestows with a positive future.

Common benefits

 Blesses the wearer with enhanced decision-making skills and powerful willpower

 Renders the wearer fearless and determined.

The original 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is an influential bead. It is highly advised for people who are in decision-making positions like politicians, businessmen, leaders and administrations. Since this Rudraksha is under the influence of Lord Hanuman who is all powerful, the wearer is able to nullify the malefic effects of Saturn and Mars by wearing his bead. It leads to enhancing the inner strength of the person and is extremely lucky for people in the financial trading sector like investors, traders and speculators. It is also good for professionals in the Iron and steel industry.

As per the Vedas, people who are affected by Mangal Dosh and/or people who have Shani Sade Sati effects should be wearing this bead. It is also advised for people who are at key decision-making positions in their professional lives. People who are impatient and aggressive or face perpetual delays and hurdles in their lives – be it professional or personal – are also advised to wear this Rudraksha.

Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksh is ideal for people with Capricorn (Makar) sign/Rashi who has ‘Saturn’ as their ruling planet.

How to Wear 14 Mukhi Rudraksha?

 This Holy Rudraksha should be worn on Tuesdays.

 On the said date, you need to take a bath early in the morning.

 You need to sit in the prayer room, facing the East direction.

 Offer your prayers to the Almighty and wash the Rudraksha in un-boiled (kacha) milk and then the Holy Ganga water.

 While offering prayers to Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman, ensure that you place flowers, fruits and the Panchamrit before the idol. Use sandalwood paste and burn the Holy diya and incense sticks to complete the process.

 You have to chant the Beej Mantra ‘Au, NamahShivaye’ 108 times while wearing the Rudraksha.

In order to get 14 Mukhi Rudraksha at best price, it is important to consult with experts and buy from authentic certified sellers.

Buyers need to note that the price of the Rudraksha is dependent on the size, modifications, authenticity and origin of the bead.

1. Origin:: The authentic 14 Mukhi Rudraksha belongs to Nepal. Certified sellers procure the bead direct from Nepal and do not treat the bead. The original bead is costly as compared to the fake bead.

2. Modifications:: Tampered and modified beads are available at dearth prices but the original 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is quite expensive.

3. Size:: If you go in for small-sized beads, you will pay less than a bigger Rudraksha.

3. Authenticity:: It is advisable to buy only original beads from reputed sellers. The authentic beads are costlier than the fake ones.

Wearers of the 14 Mukhi Rudraksha need to chant the Om Namah Beej Mantra nine times daily. They should also offer prayers to Lord Shiva on Mondays.

It is extremely crucial to take care of the 14 Mukhi Rudraksha. This is what you should be doing:

 The bead should not be worn while sleeping. Wear it in the morning, after a bath and offering prayers and take it off at night.

 The Rudraksha should not be in touch with soap or detergents.

 Clean the bead with a brush that has delicate bristles and normal water.

 After cleaning, dip the bead in the Holy Water for some time.

Things to avoid:

 Wearers should stay away from alcohol and non-veg food.

 Also, do not give in to impulses like telling lies, and illicit sexual relationships.

 Also, your Rudraksha should not be given to anyone else.

Buy the pure 14 Mukhi Rudraksha only from certified sellers that offer fine quality beads like Brahma Gemsso that you are able to benefit properly from the 14 faced Rudraksha. Buying from authentic suppliers also ensure that you will get the 14 Mukhi Rudraksha at best prices.