3D Astro Energized GemstoneTM

Jyotisha is the traditional hindu system of astrology, also known as hindu astrology, indian astrology and more recently as vedic astrology. Astrology consists of a number of belief systems that hold that there is a relationship between phenomena and the events of descriptions of personality in the human world. The planets in the hindu astrology are known as Navgraha (literally nine-planets) with the addition of 2 shadow bodies Rahu & Ketu .

Each planet is governed with its respective gemstone. Even Rahu and Ketu possess a different gemstone, Chrysoberyl cat's eye for Ketu and Gomed for Rahu. To give power to certain grah astrologers recommends wearing a particular gemstone as per individuals kundali. But just wearing a gemstone is not enough, it should be "3D Astro Energized Gemstone". There are 3 dimensions in energization.

Dimension 1 - Proper Selection of Gemstone with Best in Certificate

For your complete peace of mind each gemstone passes through an expert gemologist to make sure that it is not broken and there is not any kind of chipping so the wearer gets the maximum benefit. Just for double check further we send the gemstone to a reputed international lab (IGI, GIA, GRS) etc. or a government lab (IGI-GTL), just to make sure that each gemstone is free from any kind of treatment, wether its heat treatment most commonly found in Sapphires , or dying found in Emerald, or glass treatment found in Ruby Gemstone.

Dimension 2 - Astrological Jewellery Specially Designed to Get Maximum Benefits

Science and Astrology go hand in hand. Proper making of astro ring, pendant or bracelet is very necessary. If you are wearing any gemstone for jyotish purposes , it should properly touch your skin, so that cosmic energy which we get from sun should enter into our body and heal us, and we can benefit from it. Natural gemstones transfer energies of their corresponding planets to the body of the native who wears them. Hence such planets may give extra strength in the body/aura of the native. If one such planet is benefic in his horoscope, it may gain strength through its gemstone. Hence it may provide more benefit and it may be in a better position to deal with affection. Malefic planets cause such affections due to conjunction with benefic planets or through direct aspects. While making any astro jewellery metal also sometimes plays a very important role, for example natural yellow sapphire (pukhraj) should always be worn in gold or any other yellow metal. Silver or white gold, and sometimes panchdhatu is also used for making blue sapphire .

Dimension 3 - Energization of Gemstones by Pooja Done by Proper Vidhi Vidhaan

In our vedic culture, pooja plays a very important role, before starting any new venture or starting something new pooja is considered as auspicious. Whether you are doing a grah pravesh, new office, new business, the energization is done with the help of pooja, it adds that extra positivity all around.

Gemstone energization is done by pramukh panditji, or by yourself with proper rules & regulations to create that positive aura around yourself.

The most important step for performing any kind of pooja is to reduce the strength of any defect in a horoscope by performing the chant of a mantra to reduce the strength of that defect .