Opal (Doodhiya Patthar)

Opal is a white coloured semi-precious gemstone of the silicate mineral family. Opal works miraculously for the ascendant\'s of Venus (Shukra) Planet. Natural opal stone can be worn by people seeking benefits in Career, Marriage & Health & Luxury. The major sources of Opal are Australia & Ethiopia.

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Opal (Doodhiya Patthar)

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Education About Opal (Doodhiya Patthar)

Opal or doodhiya patthar is a white coloured semi-precious gemstone of the silicate mineral family. Natural Opal’s ruling planet is Venus (shukra) and can be worn by people seeking benefits in career, marriage and luxury. The major sources of Opal stone are Australia and Ethiopia. Doodhiya patthar is highly recommended to people born with zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. Because of its many benefits in astrology it is also called “Queen of Stones”. Depending upon the qualities, Opals are classified into common opals and precious opals and other types of opals like black opals, white opals, fire opals and more. The stone is recognized for its wonderful array of colours and measures 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

An original opal gemstone enhances your social status and is beneficial for those in the creative fields like fashion, acting and jewellery. It gives you strength to cope with the tough times and negativities in life. It also helps in medical disorders related to stomach and eyes. The australian opal stone should be worn on Friday in the index finger of the working hand after reciting “Aum Shukraye Namah”. You can take advice of the astrologer or your dealer to select the right size and colour of the stone. 

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Benefits of Opal Stone

Success in the creative field: Venus is known as the planet of creativity and innovation, a natural opal gemstone can be highly beneficial for an individual facing lack of inspiration, creative blocks, and insecurities in life. According to astrologers wearing white opal can benefit you by giving an extra push to artistic expressions and creative energies leading to successful results.

Improved Financial & Social Status:-

  • Venus resembles luxuries and worldly passions and astrologers believe the opal ratna can not just elevate one's financial situation but also maintains their social status and luxurious lifestyle.

For a satisfied & happy married life:-

  • The weak placement of Venus in an individual's horoscope gives rise to conflicts and disagreement in the native’s married life that eventually leads to fights, misunderstanding and ultimately to separation. Opal can stimulate love, harmony and helps in developing a mutual understanding between the married couple to get rid of such issues.

Ailment to Liver, Endocrine & Urinary related diseases:-

  • White opal contains high metaphysical properties due to which it is considered heavily in healing diseases related to liver, kidneys, and hormonal disorders apart from the white opal the black & fire opal can also work as a healing gemstone for various psychological problems and sleeping disorders.

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Opal is worn to fight the malefic effects of a weak Venus in an individual's birth-chart and to bring financial prosperity, physical well-being. According to Vedic Astrology, Opal can be worn by Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi along with the ascendants of Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini & Virgo.

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How to wear Opal Gemstone

Dharan Vidhi:-

Before to wear the natural opal stone's ring & pendent, we need to energize this stone. In that procedure we have to dip this opal stone deeply in the pure holy ganga water along with turmeric, flower, curd, honey & pure ghee.

Sitting in front of youro house's temple or any other temple, hold your hands and chant the holy mantra "Om Dram Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah" (in hindi) 108 times and wear your opal's ring and pendant positively.

Weight:- A person weighing 70 Kgs can wear 7-carat Opal that is 1/10th of their body weight.

Finger:- Opal should be best to wear in the "Ring Finger" of either of the hand.

Color:- To get the best astrological results of Opal always Buy Natural White Opal with intense colorful fire.

Metal:- Silver,Platinum, Gold or Panchdhaatu.

Day and Time:- Friday morning between 6:00 AM to 9:00AM.

Mantra & Chanting Times- Chant this mantra "Om Dram Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah", (108 times).

Vedic Rashi: Tula (Libra) and Vrishabh (Taurus) Rashi

Other Rashi Who Can Wear:- Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini & Virgo.

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The price of Natural Opal Stone depends on some important factors which all are mentioned below:


  • Being one of the most sought-after origins, Australian opal represents a premium in the price range of Rs 700 to Rs 5,000 per carat ($9 to $71). On the other hand, Ethiopian, being of somewhat cheaper quality ranges from Rs 500 to 2,000 per carat ($7 to $28). And, Mexican opal too cost fine as it's a shiny and different orange color.


  • The most costly opal is probably judges by its color. A bright stone in pure deep color forever holds special value. Whereas, the dark-colored opal stones even with a certain design and colorful displays may produce only an average price.


  • Opal can be treated by impregnation of oil, wax or plastic. Opal’s are also dyed but they are less valuable astrologically. Always go for original gemstone certificates from Government labs where the treatment of the specific gemstone is clearly mentioned in the comments box.


  • The cost of genuine opal usually decreases due to the appearance of a white or cloudy background. The cost of crystal opal increases with the rise in the level of transparency. For opaque gems, like white opal and dark black opal, the presence of eye visible inclusions, pits or blemishes reduces the price drastically.


  • Precious opal is usually formed into round, oval or pear shape. Opal price rises for specific cuts like marquis, heart and rectangular due to the carat wastage included in the process.


  • The Market is flooded with cheap sugar-smoke treated and fracture filled opals. Hence, it is necessary to buy gemstones from a trusted dealer or online store at the best prices.

Know behind the reason of why 90% of people aren’t getting results from Opal:-

Is it really Opal?:- 

  • The market is flooded with fake gemstones. There are dealers out there who sell fake gemstones at their original price. So, the chances are, that the opal you're currently wearing might be not the real one. A phony opal won't work, no matter what you do.

Is it Heated?:- 

  • There are stones that are original opal, however, they are heated. Heating is basically done to improve the color or clarity of the gemstones for that matter. In the certificate, it is clearly mentioned that if the stone is heated, then you won't get the desired result.

Is it Treated?:- 

  • Most people are unaware that opals are heated to "enhance" their color and clarity. These processes may increase the stone’s beauty, but not its value. And wearing these treated stones won't provide any astrological benefits.

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Fire Opal Stone Price

The Origin, Color, Fire-Pattern & Shape all together decide the quality of an Opal.


  • The best Opal is discovered in Australia & Ethiopia. The Opal from Australia is widely popular all across the world for its bright hue and rich fire. The next preferred opal after Australian Opal is the Ethiopian opal.


  • Value of Opal most importantly depends on its Color. A pure white Opal with hues of fire is the most dominant one nevertheless orange, black, green, blue and pink opal also exist but the white opal having a fire is considered as the most desirable one according to astrology. An Opal having dark body colors like Blue, Green or Black is also highly valued as it displays perfect play-of-color above their dark background.

Role of Fire in the Opal:-

  • The presence of fire is the main distinguishing element between a plain & a precious Opal. Precious opal has a bright & consistent fire on display which makes it highly valued compared to the fainted and the pale play of colors in the plain Opal which also reduces its market price these Opal's are cost effective but don't possess astrological benefits. Opals having broad, sparkling and vivid flashing patterns are rare hence it is expensive as compared to the small & pinfire patterned opal.


  • To make Opal compatible of a gem quality it is cut & polished from rough. Make sure to avoid purchasing Opals that have too high or too flat domes as they become more vulnerable to cracks while being customized in jewelry.

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Opal is sensitive to heat or excess dryness that can lead to internal cracks & scratches on the surface. So, whenever plan to clean your opal ring, be very gentle and follow these instructions.

Opals are very fragile therefore susceptible to scratches. Use only mild cleaners and non-abrasive cloths when cleaning the surface of your natural opal stone.

Remember to remove opal rings or other jewelry when washing your hands or taking a shower. Opals are absorbent and can become damaged by household chemicals such as dish soap or shampoo.

Opal is highly sensitive to dehydration. If you live in a dry climate area, chances are that your opal is at a huge risk of being removed of its necessary water. Try keeping your opal in a short sealed bag with a wet cloth or cotton ball to avoid dehydration.

Opals are very susceptible to warmth change. It's always a good idea to keep your opal hidden under clothing when entering and exiting a warm car or house.

The safest way to clean opal is using soapy warm water. Use only mild cleaners and soft cloths when wiping the covering of your opal stone.

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