Importance of Certified Gemstones

What is gemstone certification?

 Gemstone certification is a process of evaluating a piece of stone on the basis of different characteristic properties shown by a gemstone and quality parameters established by gem industry to determine its quality. A gemstone expert critically examines every major and minor detail of the stone and provides a detailed conclusion of the gemstone referred as the gemstone certification. A certified gemstone report makes it authentic and decides its value in the market. But before you buy certified gemstone online or offline, know why gemstone certification is important.

Why the certification of a gemstone is important?

The world of gemstones is really vast, so as its market. Where genuine gemstone dealers deliver the best quality gemstones to their customers, fake gemstone dealers are ready to dupe their customers by providing the colored or synthetic gemstones. In order to stop this false and unethical practice, the certification of the gemstones is highly demanded. A gemstone certification involves the evaluation of a gemstone by examining the color, shape, chemical composition and treatments. This practice helps in deciding its weight, color, shape, carat, refractive index and inclusion. A certified gemstone promises the purity and ensures the high quality of a gemstone and also prevents you from getting duped from gemstone thugs.


A certified gemstone worth the money you are paying for. Hence, it is highly recommended to you to buy the certified gemstones with all the inclusions of a gemstone mentioned in the certification report. Make sure that the certification is done by an expert gemmologist and not some thug who issues the certificate of the purity for money he gets paid for.

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