Fire Opal is really unique gem in the world of the gemstones. Fire opal was pre-eminently symbolized as the warmth of love in many parts of the world. It shows the most vibrant fiery colors forming a hue of yellow to orange to red, which gives the gemstone its name. The fiery warm glow of the fire opal comes from the traces of the iron oxide. The transparent to translucent fire opal is made up of silicic acid with a relatively high water content has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on Mohs scale. The amazing gemstone Fire Opal online outlet attracts the gemstone lovers from all corners of the world. Fire opal provides the courage, will power, stamina, and energy to those who possess it. Fire opal suits the best to those having the zodiac sign Aries and worn for enhancing the effect of planet Venus.