Gomed is considered as a powerful gemstone in the Kaliyug and is filled with the powers of Rahu, who it rules over Gomed. Rahu is considered to be a rogue planet. The name is from the Greek hēssōn, inferior, in allusion to its lower hardness and density than most other garnet species varieties. It has a characteristic red color, inclining to orange. Gomed is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil and California.

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Gomed is beneficial for individuals suffering from Kalsarpha Dosh (Curse of snakes). If suited, it can give magical relief very soon. It removes confusion & provides mental stability and a balanced temperament. Gomed benefits those who are in politics, public relations, event management & people in commission trade etc. It blesses with power, influence, wealth & success.

Who can wear?

If you are facing the evil effects of Rahu or Rahu is in the 12th, 6th or 6th house of your birth chart, Gomed is recommended to you but before wearing it do consult an astrologer.

How to wear?

Gomed should be worn only in specific conditions after consulting the astrologer. Minimum weight of Gomed should 7 carats. Gomed Stone Online should be worn in the center finger of the working hand. Dip it in gangajal or cow milk 10 minute prior to wearing.

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