Gomed or hessonite gemstone is filled with the energies of the powerful and malefic planet Rahu who is considered as the master of deception and mystery. Rahu is known for breaking rules, challenging the authority and creating trouble to the others and consider the sun his biggest enemy. Gomed stone is very powerful and has many benefits at physical, emotional, and psychological levels-

  • Benefits of Gomed Stone
  • Gives relief to a person having kalsarpa dosha.
  •   Rahu is known for creating confusion, disillusionment and lack of confidence. Gomed stone prevents a person from all the malefic effect of Rahu, especially in the Rahukal.

Health benefits

  • Strange diseases which are really hard to diagnose are caused by Rahu. Gomed stone prevents from the ailments like- cancer, mental problem, skin disease, multiple personality disorder etc.

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