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Are You Tensed About Your Health Lately? Wearing These Gemstones Can Vanish all Your Health Problems

07 February, 2020
Are You Tensed About Your Health Lately? Wearing These Gemstones Can Vanish all Your Health Problems

While most of us use gems as ornaments, we can’t deny that these gems portrait magical healing properties. In various spiritual practices, gemstones and minerals are used to restore energy, promote peace and love, and also to balance emotions in one’s life. In some belief systems, gemstones are placed on various ‘chakras’ of the body to promote healing. Several beliefs also state that wearing astrological gemstone as ornaments in forms of rings or lockets also helps in the process of healing.

Headed by a group of world-class gemologists, Brahma Gems has been providing healing solutions through gemstone for health benefits for the last 12 years and strives to continue to offer certified gemstones online at the best prices. Buy vedic gemstone from a certified gemstone store in Delhi for success in every path of your life. 


Gemstones That are Beneficial for Health

While gemstones are extraordinarily attractive to look at, these gems provide positive health benefits. Every astrological gemstone has its health benefits that you need to know before you indulge in enjoying its advantages.



  • Emerald is worn to increase reasoning and spiritual powers. It is also used to nullify the adverse effects of nightmares and evil forces.

  • It is worn on the little finger of the working hand studded in gold or silver on a Wednesday.

  • While adorning this powerful gemstone, one must recite the words - “Om Buddhaye Namaha.”


Yellow Sapphire

  • Also known as Pukhraj, this stone brings prosperity in business, marriage, child conceiving, and career goals.

  • Preferably, yellow sapphire must be embedded in the gold base and must be worn on a Thursday on the index finger.

  • For maximum results, one should ensure to keep the gemstone in touch with the skin.


Blue Sapphire

  • Blue sapphire works its magic to bring you good luck, wealth, and prosperity. It also helps to aid digestion problems.

  • Blue sapphire must be studded in gold or preferably silver and must be worn in the middle finger on a Saturday between 5 am to 6 am to experience the best results.

  • It is to be worn during an eclipse to take maximum advantage of its benefits.



  • This pink to blood-red colored stone helps to restore vitality and cures issues related to eyesight and blood circulation. Wearing an astrological gemstone such as Ruby increases the chances of having a successful relationship as well.

  • For best results, Ruby must be ideally worn in gold or diamond on a Sunday morning on the index finger.

  • One must ensure that the stone is studded in such a manner that the gemstone stays in the grasp of the wearer.

Buy Ruby from a certified gemstone store in Delhi.


White Sapphire

  • White sapphire is used to boost the confidence, self-esteem, and personality of an individual. It also promises to grant immunity and good health to the wearer.

  • White sapphire must be studded in silver and worn in the middle finger on Friday.

  • Also, before wearing the stone, it must be dipped in Ganga Jal or Cow’s milk early in the morning and wear it on a bright fortnight.



  • Pitambari eliminates negative energies and also proves useful in vein and nerve diseases.

  • It must be worn on the index finger while sitting in the north, east, or north-east direction on a yellow colored asana.


Red Coral

  • Red coral imparts courage and helps in various skin diseases like boils, acne, etc.

  • It must be mounted in copper or gold and must be worn on the ring finger of the working hand on a Tuesday morning during the rising moon.


Basra Pearl

  • Basra Pearl is used to attain peace, reduce anger, and provide love and empathy in the wearer’s life.

  • Buy basra pearl to enhance the power of the moon, which promotes a steady mind and a balanced family life. 

  • It must be worn in silver after washing the stone gently. Consult a Vedic astrologer or visit Brahma Gems to buy basra pearl or visit our website to buy Basra moti online.



  • Known as the best gemstone for health benefits, it helps in alleviating stomach disorders like indigestion and eye problems. 

  • It must be worn on a Friday morning on the middle finger of the right hand. 

  • Before wearing an Opal gemstone, keep it immersed in a bowl having one spoon of Curd, Honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaves, and Ghee for 10 minutes.




  • It neutralizes the evil effect of Rahu and helps to cure depression, deep-seated anxieties, and mental issues.

  • This astrological gemstone must be worn on a Wednesday or Saturday two hours after sunset after washing it with water and fresh milk. 

  • While adorning this beauty, one must chant - “Om Ram Rahave Namaha.”

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