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5 zodiac signs with the weakest immunity: Here's what you should do?

08 June, 2020
5 zodiac signs with the weakest immunity: Here's what you should do?

Zodiac signs can predict your health journey, AND they can predict if your immune system needs a little help in this pandemic. Yes, these are some scary times, everyone is afraid of getting COVID-19, and every fever or cold is getting a suspicious side glance. See, the thing is fear will only get you so far. Every cough, cold, or fever is not COVID-19; you could be experiencing the symptoms of seasonal flu or cold. But, you can boost your immune system to combat seasonal illnesses along with viruses like the novel coronavirus with the help of immune-boosting gemstones based on your zodiac signs.

More so now than ever before, because although the virus is ravaging through the world and the number of infected are increasing exponentially, everything is opening up. There is no vaccine available yet, no cure, no treatment. So, people need to keep their immune systems charged up at all times. Astrological gemstones are not cures; but, they are known to positively impact the immune system of people who need the most help.

So, is YOUR immune system weak?

Well, we can give you some interesting and important information about the zodiac signs with weak immune systems, and you can see for yourself.

Zodiac Signs with a weak immune system

  • Taurus

The bull is one of the strongest zodiac signs, nobody expects it to have such a weakness, but it does. Taureans are known for their grit, grind, and stamina, but they tend to take these for granted. The bull ensures that Taureans have a great physique and probably great health too, but, for how long? If you don't take care of your health, never exercise, never eat healthily, and never listen to people's good advice regarding your wellbeing, the situation can deteriorate soon. To add to your woe, Venus has shifted it’s a planetary position, leaving you susceptible to sickness. 

What can you do? Eat a lot of vitamin C rich fruits and antioxidant-rich fruits like oranges, lemon, guavas, berries, etc., drink a lot of water, take probiotics, and if you want an extra layer of protection, you can buy Vedic gemstones online from certified gemstone suppliers like Brahma Gems.

  • Scorpio

Scorpio, another zodiac sign which is seldom struck with illnesses, is also at risk. Why? Well, yes, you do remain in the pink of your health most of the time, but, you're susceptible to catching a cold & flu pretty easily. The nature of the current pandemic and the combination of Mars & Saturn in your zodiac dictates the astrological world to caution you in these times. Drink plenty of water(lukewarm if possible), eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and avoid going outside, or if you do go outside, on return take a shower, put your clothes in the washer. Also, if possible, invest in an astrological gemstone that boosts the immune system like amethyst. Remember to buy only certified gemstone online or offline.

  • Gemini

The twins are at a high-risk now because of the lowered immunity bestowed upon them by unfavorable planetary positions. Rahu is in transit in Gemini's house, and that is sounding alarming bells. If you are a Gemini, you need to be very cautious about your health right now. Do not compromise on your sleep, eat a lot of vegetables & fruits rich in Vitamin C, and practice meditation to tackle stress & anxiety. Need a helping hand? Get an immunity-boosting gemstone from a reputed gemstone store like Brahma Gems.

  • Sagittarius

The adventurous Sagittarius may want to stop and take a breather for a while. Stay home, boost your immunity, indulge yourself in interesting hobbies & lessons, and ready yourself for your next adventure. Keep your mind interested and occupied in these times. Your mind needs to keep it calm for you to come out of this situation better because our mind rules everything, doesn't it? Also, stop consuming tinned, pre-packaged, store-bought food for a while, yes, those noodles need to go as well. No adventure, no adventurous food, for now. The best astrological gemstones you can invest in now are immunity boosting gemstones & calming gemstones. 

  • Pisces

Hey Pisces, stay away from toxic emotions & the rising fear due to the pandemic because it can wreak havoc on your immune system. You deserve better. Stay informed but not anxious. How? Limit your consumption of COVID-19 news. You DO NOT need to update yourself every second. Also, instead of concentrating on the fear, concentrate on boosting your immunity through healthy habits. You can cook some healthy food, listen to some soothing music, exercise regularly, call up your loved ones, and practice patience.

A final suggestion

Whether you fall under the top 5 zodiac signs that need a little help with their immune system or not, it is best to take all precautions and make your immunity better in these times. Astrological gemstones, although not a cure or treatment, can help. This is the right time to be a little extra on precaution and good practice. So, if you need to buy Vedic gemstones online or offline, only trust a renowned gemstone store like Brahma Gems.