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10 Things to Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire

17 June, 2019
Brahmagems in Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)
10 Things to Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire
If there is a gemstone that comes closest to embodying the characteristics of the Yellow Star, its Yellow Sapphire. Its bright, crisp brilliance shimmers like the Sun. Lately, Yellow Sapphire has gained a lot of popularity arising from its heightened use by numerous celebrities. It is gradually becoming a preferable alternative for the Diamond ring as well. The wide variety of colors - ranging from light yellow to dark yellow, and its multiple advantages has made it the first choice for a rewarding purchase. 

Running the best Certified and Natural Gemstone Store in Delhi, know about the top 10 things, which you must consider before buying a Yellow Sapphire:

1) Colour

Yellow color palette covers a splendid range of natural pastel light yellow to lemony yellow. Although the color is a personal choice, it is suggested to opt for a medium vibrant canary yellow. 

The brighter and pristine the color, the worthier a Sapphire. 

The major reason behind yellow coloration in Sapphires is due to the trace element iron. The heightened iron concentrations produce higher color saturation, leading to the richness in color. 

The color of Yellow Sapphires can be augmented naturally through low-level radiation within the Earth or through lab-induced irradiation.

The irradiated Sapphires aren’t harmful. However, the colors are known to fade away with time due to exposure to heat and light. 

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2) Cleanliness

Whenever buying certified gemstones online, make sure to see that the documentation for the stone is authentic. 

The best Yellow Sapphire is crystal-clear that is visible to the naked eye. 

Yellow sapphires generally have fewer inclusions as compared to other colored stones, which is pretty convenient, considering the medium tone which the color shows best does very little to hide inclusions.

In case you are not well-versed with the term, Inclusions are the natural consequence of crystal growth. These can be scratches or chips. 

Inclusions are so organic that even the finest stones are not expected to be entirely free of them. As a matter of course, it is always necessary to inspect the gemstones precisely. 

3) Country

Yellow Sapphires originate in Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand, and Australia. However, the finest Yellow Sapphires originate in Sri Lanka. 

While this is a crucial factor, the country where Yellow Sapphires originate doesn’t affect their pricing, as opposed to other gemstones.

4) Cut

The Cut of a Yellow Sapphire is the most important aspect related to its sparkling effect. If the cut of a Yellow Sapphire is bad, it seems dull and lifeless.

The cut doesn’t refer to the shape but the facets on the surface of a gemstone. 

The facets allow light and color to shine at their best, which is very important in Yellow Sapphires. 

5) Heated or Untreated?

Yellow Sapphires are largely treated to augment their color and transparency. The changes that are made through the heating remain permanent.

We specialize in providing untreated Yellow Sapphires. We believe there is no substitute for natural beauty and splendor. 

6) Uniqueness

Natural Yellow Sapphires are very rare to find considering they are generally treated to enhance their color and transparency. 

Since only natural Sapphires give the best results, it is important to not overlook the aspect of uniqueness and purchase only natural Yellow Sapphires.

7) Build

Sapphires are made of the mineral corundum, which is colored by trace elements of iron. This is how Sapphires get their stunning color. 

All the Sapphires have incredible density and are resistant to scratches. They are rated 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, only behind moissanite and Diamond.

8) Price

Yellow Sapphire is the ideal choice for you if the daunting price tag of Diamonds scare you. You can always find a stunning Sapphire that you can afford. 

The price range is defined by the 4 Cs - Color, Cut, Carat, and Clarity. If a Yellow Sapphire stands out on all four aspects, then the price is sure to be on the most expensive side. 

9) Metal

While all the metals are suitable for Yellow Sapphire, their applicability varies. If a Yellow Sapphire is to be wear on a lighter, pastel yellow - then it will gel well with silver, Platinum, and White Gold. 

Whereas, if a Sapphire is dark yellow - it will suit well with Rose Gold or Yellow Gold. 

10) Meaning

Yellow Sapphires are popular for bringing good luck and optimism.

A lot of people who want to live a bright, chirpy life love to wear yellow sapphire. This gemstone is heavily used in for being the harbinger of wisdom and affluence. 

These are the 10 Things you should always take into consideration before buying a Yellow Sapphire. For more information on Gemstones, you can go through our website.

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