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Will gemstones disappear with approaching global warming?

10 January, 2020
Will gemstones disappear with approaching global warming?

Certified gemstones in India have been prominent to more than millions across the globe. Since every gemstone is said to be affiliated with a particular planet and has its set of healing powers, you can find people with rings, bracelets, lockets, and bands of emerald, sapphire, ruby, coral stones, red gemstones, pearl, and others. For the uninitiated, the working of a gem is exceptionally straightforward. Cosmic light from the affiliated planet enters the gemstones. It gets converted into energy that then comes to your body to bring you virtues such as purity, happiness, good luck, love, and well-being. You can buy gemstones online at Brahma gems, one of the best gemstone dealers in Delhi.


How are the precious gemstones formed? 

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But, have you wondered how are certified gemstones in India formed? They do not appear magically like a rabbit from a magician's hat. There are four types of gemstones, namely igneous, hydrothermal, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Let us guide you through the detailed formation of gems of each category. If you are in search for the best gemstone dealers in Delhi, then head to Brahma gems. 


  • Learn about the formation of igneous gemstones. 

Out of the various substances found in the earth's mantle, igneous gemstones are formed when magma or lava, after a volcanic eruption, is exposed to extremely high temperatures. It may take millions of years for certified gemstones in India such as diamonds and peridot to form. Magma is essentially fluid that flows through the earth's crust, and when it is compelled to change its shape and form under the influence of high temperature, it results in the formation of igneous gemstone. You must be wondering that if they are so deep under the surface, then how does man have access to it. Well, buy gemstones online that are excavated from the surface of the earth. 


  • Formation of hydrothermal gemstones.

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A top example of a hydrothermal gemstone is emerald. As the name makes It evident, this type of gemstone is formed due to the dual application of water and heat. When super-saturated water is pushed via cracks in the earth's surface, the solution cools down, and its minerals begin to crystallize. This is how you get the end product in the form of certified gemstones in India. It is believed that pairing emeralds with other gems may bring back luck and bad health to the wearer. Thus, you should seek advice from professional gemstone dealers in Delhi. 


  • Formation of metamorphic gemstones.

Most of the gemstones that you see around you are formed by metamorphism. There is a dual application of heat and pressure by the tectonic plates under the surface. Minerals often get combined and result in a beautiful gemstone. The most common examples of gems formed by metamorphism are sapphire, ruby, spinel, and garnet. 


  • Formation of sedimentary gemstones. 

Lastly, sedimentary gemstones are formed when water combines with minerals that settle as a bottom-layer in liquid. For example, some of the most well-known sedimentary gems are opal, malachite, and azurite. 


Will global warming hamper the natural making of gemstones? 

Global warming has adversely affected almost every sphere of the planet. Glaciers are melting rapidly to the extent that Antarctica has experienced significant ice cover loss and may soon become accessible to the masses like any other tourist destination. Cities are experiencing significant changes in temperatures where even children can tell a drastic difference between recent years and the present. Thus, if you feel that gemstone formation will not be affected by global warming, amidst all this, then you ought to be a court jester. 

As explained above, gemstones are formed naturally when magma, natural water, and the earth's minerals are exposed and treated under high heat and temperatures. Global warming is bound to affect these factors such as soil conditions, water levels, and climate, thus hampering the natural making of gemstones. Buy gemstones online today!

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