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All about Red Coral or Moonga Stone

31 May, 2021
original moonga stone

Red coral or Laal moonga, as it is commonly called in India is nothing like a traditional crystalline gemstone. The striking red natural moonga stone is also called Red Prabal and Pagadam in different regional or common languages. Unlike other gemstones, it is not found on the earth's crust. Instead, the natural moonga stone organically forms in the dark parts of the deep sea. 

Corals are shaped like small leafless bushes & grow up to 1 meter in height. They are invertebrate animals belonging to the group Cnidaria. Each being is called a polyp. The corals we see are mostly the skeletons of polyps deposited together. 

Red corals were always highly regarded in human societies & ancient civilizations. In fact, natural moonga stone or red coral amulets were found in Neolithic graves in Switzerland that dated back to nearly 8000 BC. Multiple samples of coral jewelry were found in the remains of Sumerian & Egyptian civilizations, and they were in use even around 3000 BC. Therefore, it won't be wrong to say that red corals and corals in general always enjoyed popularity in diverse cultures. 

According to Vedic astrology, the red natural moonga stone represents the planet Mars which is called Mangala in India. It is hot in nature & it is the source of energy as well as enthusiasm. 

Yes, it has been adored, worshipped, and lauded over the ages. However, before you buy red coral gemstone, you should know its benefits. So, here goes.

Moonga stone benefits

  • Mars is the god of warfare. Hence red coral ensures victory over adversaries by giving the wearer courage to overcome obstacles. 

  • It gives the wearer a sense of purpose. Therefore it benefits in overcoming procrastination as well as laziness. 

  • It gives the wearer the impetus to take tasks to their logical conclusion without delay. 

  • The natural red coral gemstone also positively impacts mental health. It helps to overcome listlessness & depression symptoms. It gives the wearer energy, vigor, and hope. According to astrologists, if you wear the red coral stone on your ring finger, it will impart courage & help overcome fear & nervousness. It also boosts self-esteem. 

  • A natural red coral gemstone also has miraculous healing properties. It helps heal facial eruptions, boils, acne, skin ailments. It also purifies the blood & guards as well as protects the body from cuts, wounds, bruises, & injuries. 

  • Anybody with Mars in an adverse position in the horoscope can have temperamental issues, anger issues, and impatience. Red corals can improve such conditions. 

  • People with Mangal Dosha in their horoscope are called Mangaliks. Such a dosha can lead to many challenges in interpersonal relationships. A red moonga stone can help with these challenges if worn after consulting the birth chart. 

  • Red coral stone is especially beneficial for people in specific professions like the army, police, medical professionals (especially surgeons), chemical industry, weapon manufacturer, business people, scientists, and more. 

  • It protects against the evil eye, magical hexing, and black magic. 

  • It can help in debt repayment if worn after considering the birth heart. 

  • It strengthens marriages & ensures the spouse's long life. 



Things to keep in mind while using red coral

  • Which finger to wear red coral stone on?

The red coral stone should be worn on the ring finger because the ring finger represents the sun's energy & since the Sun is a friend of the planet Mars according to astrology, that is the right finger for the Mars-empowered gem. 

  • Which metal is best for red coral?

Red corals should be set either in copper or gold rings. 

  • When to wear red coral?

It should be worn Tuesday morning during Shukla paksha before sunrise. 

  • Who should wear moonga gemstones?

People with horoscopes in which Mars is positioned in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, or 10th house can wear the red corals. An Aries ascendant, Cancer ascendant, Leo ascendant, Scorpio ascendant, Sagittarius ascendant or Pisces ascendant can also wear it. 

  • Which shape of moonga is best?

The best shape of red coral to use is the triangular shape. It is known as the Lakshmi Moonga, also referred to as Tikona Moonga.

  • How can you tell a real moonga?

If you want to know whether your red coral is real or fake, rub a piece of raw turmeric on the stone's surface. If you see red marks in the turmeric or if the turmeric changes the color of the coral, then it's fake. If the color does not change then it is authentic. 

Wrapping Up

The red coral is considered to be a talisman symbolizing the vitalizing energy of life itself. It has been worn from the beginning of civilization for power, good omen, and good health. It is a gem that can transform your life. So, if you plan to buy red coral gemstone after consulting an astrologer, it might be a step in the right direction. But make sure you purchase it from a trusted seller like Brahma Gems.

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