Are You Really Prepared For Your Competitive Exam? Increase The Chances To Score Higher With These Gemstones

19 March, 2020
Are You Really Prepared For Your Competitive Exam? Increase The Chances To Score Higher With These Gemstones

Exams are a rite of passage for every student. They are unavoidable and scary. Often students even get nightmares about flunking an exam or studying for the wrong subject. Many students also face a lot of mental pressure during exam-time. The fact of the matter is, exams have a massive impact on our lives. 

Preparing for competitive exams can be one of the most stressful times in any student's life. Apart from the pressure one puts on themselves, societal pressure and parental pressure are add-ons to an already tragic situation. We inherently believe that a lot is riding on how well we score, and while that may be true, it is still no reason to undergo anxiety because of it. 

So how do you combat something like this? How do you face your fears without flinching? 

Preparing for your exams is essential. It can help increase confidence and faith in yourself. But is preparation enough?

For any important competitive exam, you need to be fully prepared for the best results. Hard work is crucial, but it isn't enough. Your mind should be calm and composed when you're giving the exams. It is no secret that giving competitive exams for jobs or higher studies is an extremely stressful task. Having a calm and balanced mind can make or break the deal. It's always better to have fate on your side. Astrological gemstones from the best gemstone dealers can bring fate to your side. It can alleviate your worries and increase your chances of doing well. 


What are the best astrological gemstones to wear in exams?

  • Amethyst- This lilac colored astrological gemstone works wonders. There are many health benefits to having Amethyst on your side. It has a calming and soothing effect on your mind. It sedates you but doesn't cause you to sleep. You'll be able to focus better and have better access to your mental memory. 

  • Azurite- You should have this astrological gemstone with you during preparation time as well. It doesn't let your mind wander. Some say that Azurite subconsciously tells you which topics are of the most importance. It opens your chakras and allows you to see beyond the visible. 

  • Black Opal- This beautiful astrological gemstone has a strong effect on the wearer. When preparing for any competitive exam, you're bound to be surrounded by evil eyes of jealousy. Black Opal keeps negative vibes away and exudes positive ones.


We've saved the best astrological gemstone for the last.

  • Emerald- Emerald green stone is most effective for examination time. It is known to open the heart chakra and bring success to the life of the wearer. The emerald green stone increases mental capacity and focus. It also ensures that luck is on your side. Wearing an emerald green stone during preparation time or exam time can help to a great extent because of the clairvoyance properties of the astrological gemstone. It will bring you mental peace, and with that, it'll increase your chances of success!


How to wear an astrological gemstone?

Your work doesn't end simply because you bought certified astrological gemstones. You must make sure that you're correctly wearing the gemstone for optimal results. 

Technically, the emerald green stone and any other gemstone for that matter should touch your body. It is best to wear these gemstones as a pendant so that it touches your chest (where your heart resides), or as a ring as there are nerves on each finger that connect to the vitals of the body. 

Before you even buy a gemstone, you must be sure that the ones you're buying are authentic and untreated. You can get 100% certified gemstones at Brahma Gems. They deal with untreated, unheated astrological gemstones and sell emerald at the original emerald stone price, unlike many who charge exorbitant amounts. 

Why choose Brahma Gems?

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