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Are You Worried For Taking Off Your Gemstone?

24 May, 2019
Did you take off the Gemstone for a long time?

For a day? An Hour? Or For a Minute?

Does taking off a Gemstone mars its impact?

First things first - you don’t have to worry if you take off your gemstone accidentally, or for a customary reason. Things don’t always go the desired way. A lot of people are not able to wear their gemstones on regular basis - both intentionally, or unintentionally. However, once the routine gets obstructed, they begin to question the impactfulness of the stone.

Is the Gemstone JUST a Stone - once taken off?

Having such doubts kills your belief in the stone - which is definitely something you don’t want. Considering when you buy gemstones online or offline, it requires a lot of investment. As a matter of course, the fear of the gemstone becoming useless - once taken off, is truly big. 

There is a credence that a gemstone has to be worn 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week, in order to get the best results. 

“Gemstones Interact with your Energy Field”

Gemstones connect with your energy field whenever they are worn and the connection stops the moment they are taken off. 

This isn’t entirely true. Gemstones surely work the best when they are continuously put on - but even if you take them off - they wait for you to put them back on. 

This means - your investment is always worth it and your gemstone is not useless, even if you take it off

Just recall the time when you first put on a ring engraved with a gemstone - for trial at a Gemstone shop. Even then you had to take off the ring instantly and wait for the one exclusively designed for you. This implies that gemstones are subject to work as long as you have put them on.

Following are some case scenarios for your better understanding:

  • Taking off your gemstone doesn’t mean it will start working again from scratch once you put it back on. The results you accumulate from your gemstone stays forever. 

  • If you have been wearing your gemstone for a long time and by accident, or for your own reason, you remove it for a while - then, you don’t need to consult a Gemstone expert to know the right time to wear it again.

You create a relationship with your gemstone - over the time you wear it

You can simply soak the gemstone in salt water and put it back on.

  • If you are one of those individuals who are energetically sensitive and prefer taking off gemstones while sleeping, you must be wearing heated gemstones.

Natural gemstones provide serenity and assuredly, a peaceful sleep. For this, you can talk to us. We are the best Gemstones dealers in India. We will provide you with natural gemstones, which will never make you feel uneasy - even when you are sleeping.

  • If you are a gym going person - or you wash the dishes every day - don’t mind taking off your gemstone.

Wearing gemstones all the time is not possible for a lot of people - specifically those who go to the gym and do weight lifting. It’s very risky to exercise when you can get your finger in trouble.

Likewise, when you are washing the dishes, refrain from wearing your gemstone ring - else, it can plummet down the Sink. 

Best is to take off your ring for some time - till you are caught up with the work and afterward, put it back on.

Summing it up, you should never panic for taking off your gemstone ring - as long as you put it back on very soon. Gemstones will continue to benefit you in the same way as before.

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