Blue Sapphire Quality Factors: What Makes the Perfect Blue Sapphire?

15 October, 2020
Blue Sapphire Quality Factors: What Makes the Perfect Blue Sapphire?

Colored gemstones consist of three precious stones, namely sapphire, emerald, and ruby. They are extracted from a mineral species called corundum. Sapphire is commonly referred to as a blue gemstone or Neelam, but it comes in various colors and consistency combinations. Color strength determines its value. Pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and violet are the fancy sapphire colors. Darker colors are more precious, and therefore more costly. 

People often ask, "What is the best color of blue sapphire?" The color of the gem depends on the saturation. It may differ in light and dark tones, from velvety blue to violet-blue.

Neelam gemstones are mined from a few specific locations throughout the world. Three of the most popular sites are Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The difference between each mine is reflected in the sapphire's quality.

Dark or light, which blue sapphire is better?

Often considered the birthstone of Aquarius, a blue sapphire gives auspicious vibes through its rich color. People who like lighter tones can choose from a variety of colored sapphires. But, darker sapphires are more precious than lighter sapphires.

  1. Clarity: Gemstones often have inclusions, which increases the grade of the stone. Neelam also comes with a few inclusions which are invisible to the naked eye. If you can see them, this means the stone is a synthetic copy and not an original Neelam stone.

  2. Cut: Since sapphires are mined, they don't naturally occur in the shapes and designs that we see. They are polished and faceted from the rough for a smooth texture and sparkle. They are then graded based on cuts, including symmetry, windowing, extinction, and brilliance.

  3. Carat: It refers to the weight of the sapphire. Larger gems are harder to come to obtain and thus have a higher value. Yellow sapphires are usually over 5 carats, but a blue sapphire of that weight is rare.

  4. Price: No two stones are the same. Neelam stone price can vary with the color and quality of the stone. Untreated and natural stones are rare and therefore cost more. Sapphires from famous locations like the historic Kashmir mines will cost higher, even if they are of the same quality.

  5. Certification: A lab report or gem identification report is a certificate by a gemologist. It has all the information regarding the stone you buy for assurance of quality.

Although precious gemstones are traditionally sold in trustworthy physical shops, some of these markets have gone online to serve more customers. You can now buy a Neelam stone online via trusted websites and producers of the gem. One such certified gemstone shop is Brahma Gems. They sell high-quality original gemstones all over India through their online shopping services. 

They allow for a Neelam stone online purchase and many other gemstones like ruby, emerald, white sapphire, pitambari, red coral, etc. All these stones are carefully curated from the most precious mines. Brahma Gems does not compromise on the quality of their products, making them the best supplier of blue sapphire gemstones. They are also famous for their yellow sapphire collection imported exclusively from Sri Lanka. 

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Some factors that make Brahma Gems the best online store for gemstones : 

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Brahma Gems is also the winner of the prestigious Global Excellence Award for The Best Natural Gemstone Dealer.  

If you plan to buy Neelam or any other gemstone online and still have certain doubts, then you can download their free ebook on gems. It features every gemstone with its history, uses, positivism, the importance of certificates, and factors that affect a stone's price.

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Affiliations & Certifications

Brahmagems is proudly associated with world’s leading gemology institutes and organizations

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