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Decision making in the time of Covid-19: Can gemstones help?

01 May, 2020
Decision making in the time of Covid-19: Can gemstones help?

Schools are closed, events are canceled, people are out of jobs, and businesses are crumbling. Covid-19 has brought about a state of global uncertainty we have never experienced in our lifetime. Add to that the stagnancy of staying at home no matter what, because that seems to be one of the very few ways of keeping the virus at bay, and the current scenario seems to be getting more stressful every passing day. Are you taking the right decision in these difficult times, or are you falling prey to the rising uncertainty?

The key to surviving this quarantine is to realize that it is okay to experience stress and anxiety. After all, our lives right now are difficult, the future is unpredictable, there is more bad news than good news, and the decision-making process to lead a productive, happy life at the moment is quite messy. Taking the right decision at the right time could lead to a more peaceful and calm existence even in these times, and that is why you should consider learning about the decision-making theory.

Decision-making theory

The decision-making theory speculates how rational people should act under risky, uncertain circumstances. The theory uses a set of assumptions and shows the steps used in making the right decision. The steps are:

  • To compromise or not to compromise

Since there are several alternatives available to us, choosing the one that benefits us best while compromising on minor features of other alternatives which we like is a huge part of making the right decision.

  • Rationalizing the act

While you do need to compromise to make the right decision, you also need to logically rationalize why you prefer one alternative to the others.

  • United we stand

The important thing about decision making is that it cannot be made by one person because it affects many. So, when you are bent on taking the right decision, you should always consider the opinions and thoughts of people that the decision impacts.

Decision-making is difficult, but the right results can be achieved using a thorough, well thought out strategy. Decision-making power comes to those who work hard and those who adapt to the changing circumstances strategically with the help of any external help necessary.

Can gemstones boost decision making power?

People all around the world swear by the power of gemstones in solving life problems. In these difficult times, astrological gemstones can aid you to improve decision making and improve your stress management skills. How you ask? These are a few gemstones and their effects on mood enhancement during stressful circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Amethyst-It works with the third-eye chakra to help people see what they need to do

  • Emerald-It helps people who struggle with focus & concentration. It also helps enhance decision making power in difficult times.

  • Pearl-It calms the mind, relieves the mind of anger, stress, and frustration aiding in taking the right decision every single time.

These are only a few of the gemstones that can help you remain calm, collected, and strategic during the pandemic. 

Gemstones cannot cure COVID-19, & they cannot slow it down; but, they can help you cope better with the evolving situation. There is a huge shift happening in the world; the power of gemstones is in making you aware, not anxious about the situation.

Few last words

The decision-making theory suggests that people move strategically towards the right decision by following a multi-step procedure, while it is right, it might require a little boost from astrological gemstones in the age of the pandemic. You can get the best out of astrological gemstones by choosing a reputable natural gemstone store in Delhi over the other available options. You can also buy certified gemstones online from such a natural gemstone store in Delhi.