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Do gemstones really work according to astrology: Find Out!

27 April, 2021
astrological gemstones

Throughout history, people have treasured gemstones for multiple reasons. From decorative ornaments to religious symbols, from amulets to good luck charms, gemstones have had wondrous roles in cumulative human history. Not only that but they've also been used for medicinal purposes, as barter chips & even investments. Gems were a symbol of power, wealth, status, & mystical backing. 

For centuries past, royalty and nobility owned the finest gems. Those gems, at least some of them, still exist; their histories a fascinating combination of fact and legend. There is the red prince's ruby, which isn't actually a ruby but a large red spinel. It has a legend of deceit and curse attached but is also a very real gemstone and resides today on the imperial crown. 

In India, gemstones have been used in astrology for long, especially natural gemstones. However, did you know that they have also been used in Astronomy in ancient India? India's well-known 5th-6th century astronomer Aryabhatta, whose Aryabhatiyam, his only known surviving work, has revolutionized astronomy, used gemstones in his research.

From zodiacs to the 12 apostles, from the bible to the Vedas, gemstones have found a mention everywhere. 

Ancient cultures & their belief in gemstones

  1. Romanian culture

Many of the "first-class" nobilities/citizens of Rome wore amulets or protective talismans made of crystals/gemstones. They were a symbol of wealth. They were also used to attract good health, fortune, prosperity as well as favoring outcomes during battle. 

  1. Chinese Culture

Healing crystals/gemstones, till this very day, are used in Chinese traditional medicine. For example, crystal-tipped needles are used in acupuncture. 

  1. Ancient Egyptian Culture

We are all in awe of the mystical nature of ancient Egypt. Did you know Egyptians loved and used crystals frequently and often ritualistically? They used crystals/gemstones when burying the dead. They believed that the energetic power of the gems could help the dead find their way into the afterlife. Pharaohs & priests used to fill cylinders with quartz to balance the Ba and Ka energies of the deceased body. 

Female royals like Cleopatra wore Lapis Lazuli gemstones to bring enlightenment and awareness. Rubies were worn by dancers on their bellies because they were believed to embody sexuality. 

  1. Ancient Greek Culture

The word crystal, another word for gemstone, comes from the Greek word  ‘krustallos,’ meaning ice.  Ancient Greeks, along with many other ancient cultures, believed that clear gemstones were eternal ice from the heavens. 

Before entering battles, soldiers used to rub crushed hematite on their bodies, believing it made them invincible. Even amethyst has a place in Greek Mythology. 

  1. Indian Culture

India has done the most investigated research on gemstones and used them guided by proper study. Vedas included natural gemstones as essential tools for healing practices. The auspicious gems were also used in spiritual rituals, cleansing, and ayurvedic medicine, apart from astronomy, which is already mentioned. 

Ancient Indians understood how to use gems to heal emotional wounds and enhance good mental health. The Kalpa tree or Kalpavriksha is the Hindu representation of the tree of life, it was believed to be made completely from gemstones. 

No other culture has reportedly used gems as extensively and intrinsically as Indians. 

Social belief in gemstones today

Natural gemstones are also a cultural entity. Multiple communities & cultures worldwide have different beliefs and faith in these miraculous minerals. Some say they can take care of evil spirits, some say they can change your lack, and some say they can even cure diseases. Different geography, different beliefs. Irrespective of geography and belief system, gems have had a very special place in human life since time immemorial. 

Despite the extensive cultural and social proof along with legitimate astrological proof, people are interested in one question only-Do really gemstones work? Let's find out. 

Do gemstones really work?

Most believers in astrological gemstones who want to buy gemstones online or offline, often are perplexed with whether the gemstone will actually work or not. Do they really work? Yes, 90% of the time, they do. The other 10% when they don't, it's mostly because of lack of adherence to the rules and rituals of wearing an astrological gemstone.  

Gemstones work utilizing color therapy and inherent energies. The colors of the nine primary gemstones correspond to their matching planets. For example, Saturn is blue & so is blue sapphire, Mercury is green & so is the emerald, Jupiter is yellow & so is the yellow sapphire, Mars is red & so is red coral, the Moon (an astrological planet) is white & so is pearl, and so on.

The sun reflects seven colors and two invisible rays (UV and infrared). These are the nine colors of the cosmic matrix of the energy system. The gemstones and their counterparts receive jolts of energy/radiation from the corresponding planets allowing a highly specific type of energy to pass through the body. The human body, mind, & karmic map are healed by this energy. 

The stones absorb the powerful cosmic energy from celestial bodies and process it to use it for providing us with the relevant help. 

This is how astrological gemstones work. There is no doubt about it. But, the 10% of the times they don't maybe because of: 

  • Bad astrological assessment

An individual should only be recommended a gemstone after an actual assessment of the planetary position in totality. Recommendations based on just the birth star (Nakshatra) or Dasha lord or even the Janma Rashi might be inadequate and lead to major issues. 

  • Bad Gemstone

Treated gemstones often do not work and flawed gemstones are dangerous. In most cases, when such a gem is worn, it leads to failure & negative breakthroughs. 

Always choose natural gemstones and only buy certified gemstones online or offline from a reputed seller. 

  • Bad recommendation

Just because an individual's personal demands include different gems to meet different requirements, the astrologer should never rampantly combine the power of two gemstones. Two or three gemstones can have opposing powers and can cause more harm than good. 

  • Inaction

Sometimes people keep delaying their remedy i.e., astrological gemstones for lack of time, lack of funds, lack of legitimate source, but mostly because of lack of motivation caused by negative karmic life maps. In this case, the gem has not failed but the individual has. 

  • Improper use

Sometimes people have the right gemstone and the right recommendation but fail to use it properly. If you wear your gemstone, make sure you don't remove it often, let other people wear it, expect too much from it. Also, re-energize it often and do a cleansing once in a while. 

Should we believe in the gemstones -The conclusion

Gemstones can deliver you from evil and change your life for the better. They DO work. It is safe to believe in gemstones. But the onus is on you, the wearer, to use it correctly & choose better sellers and astrologers for a better recommendation. Only trust a certified seller like Brahma Gems, a leading gems shop in Delhi.

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