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Emerald (Panna): A Boon for Professionals

19 January, 2019
Brahmagems in Emerald (Panna)
Emerald (Panna): A Boon for Professionals
Emerald is one of the most important gemstones of the lot sharing the position with Sapphire & Ruby.

Emerald can help you shape your career and provide rapid growth to your professional life.

Everyone wants to reach at the peak of their life in terms of success as it gives financial security as well as huge respect in the society and the environment we live in.

There are many gemstones which can help you reach new heights. One of these gemstones is the Emerald or Panna (as it is called in Hindi). Emerald belongs to the planet, Mercury.

It is considered the most potent career stone, which enhances the native with great intellectual power, memory, intuition, and communication ensuring a great personality and professional growth to the wearer. Panna is also known to clear negative energy and generate vigour in the wearer. Once your horoscope is checked from an expert astrologer for your compatibility with Panna, you can buy a certified emerald for best results.

How can Emerald (Panna) help in Business Development & Financial Development?

Emerald green stone draws its power from the planet Mercury or Budha which is known as the planet of wisdom & intelligence, Mercury effects positively on the professional career of the wearer. According to Vedic Mythology, the meaning of the word “Budha” is cleverness, which makes Mercury as an intellectual planet. Mercury grants education, knowledge, writing, speech and communication skills to the wearer which gets enhanced if it is placed auspiciously in your horoscope. Mercury, as a planet, supports professional fields linked with commerce, trade, banking, accounts, and computers bringing success to the individuals belonging to these fields. Mercury is also the planet of logic and it supports analytical abilities of the individual, making him/her smart when it comes to stats, graphs, insights, and valuations etc. 

Mercury sharpens the wearers' intelligence as well as communication skills. You can enhance the power of Mercury by wearing a good quality emerald gemstone

Who can wear Emerald?
Students pursuing higher studies should wear Emerald as it brings success in education and academics.

Students who are in appearing competitive exams, businessmen and professionals can also wear Emerald to become successful in their respective fields.

Emerald also helps people engaged in businesses and jobs related to telephone, telegraphs, and emails. Also benefitting Mathematicians, auditors, bankers, engineers, brokers, and dealers.

The magical benefits of Emerald can also boost the career of Lecturers, salesmen, sculptors, and artists.

Politicians & public speakers should also wear Emerald to bring good results. Medical professionals, especially specialists of eyes, ears, and brain, should also find this gemstone very beneficial.

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