From fashion world to astrology, gemstones have always been a point of attraction for everyone. Whether a celebrity or a common man, everyone uses these shimmering beauties for various purpose. Some are mesmerized with their spectacular beauty while many are seeking solutions to their problems due to their astrological benefits.

Emerald which is also known as Panna in Hindi is quite popular for its sophisticated look and astrological benefits. It’s a native of planet Mercury. If you are a passionate lover of gemstones you can buy Emerald Sapphire online from on fair rates with 100% guarantee of purity.

 It’s a beautiful gift of nature with manifold astrological advantages to mankind. Let’s see how it can fill hues of happiness, prosperity, wealth and good things in your life.

1. It enhances creativity, linguistic skills, learning ability, and capacity to innovate.

2. Hugely beneficial for health. People with respiratory troubles, nervous disorders, speech difficulties, restlessness, and allergies can be benefitted with the positive strength of emerald.

3. It boosts self-confidence making the wearer emotionally strong and determined.

4. If you are working in the field of conveyance, communication, connections and networks emerald can prove extremely beneficial for your progress.

5. It intensifies spiritual energies and brings tranquility to life.

6. Its cures from depression and heart problems.

7. It helps to overcome emotional toxicity and complexities of life. People who have been cheated can gain immense strength to stand strong against enemies.

8. It helps to have a better focus and concentration.

9. It can have a positive impact on education as it gives mental agility.

10. It is beneficial for people of various professions like politicians, musicians, writers, public speakers, spiritual speakers, architects, bankers, financiers, government officers, auditors, commission agents, publishers, professionals in the textile field and shippers.

 Facts about Emerald

1. As emerald have a lower density, one carat emerald will look bigger than a one carat diamond.

2. According to ancient beliefs, one can see the future by putting an emerald under the tongue.

3. Emerald is believed to have antidote powers to fight against poison.

4. The word Emerald comes from an ancient Greek word Smaragdus, which means green.

5. Emerald is always green.

The magical world of gemstones is filled with many more interesting facts and stories. No one has remained untouched from captivating beauty of these stones. Wearing these stones is a symbol of prosperity, high-status, and luxury.  These irresistible beauty pieces are hard to avoid.