Find out who you were in your past life based on your zodiac sign?

13 February, 2020
Find out who you were in your past life based on your zodiac sign?

For those who are unaware, karma is the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. It is believed that a person’s actions and behavior directly influences his or her future. Whether our past life’s karma affects our present life is one of the most baffling questions in the field of astrology. It is believed that our zodiac signs can help us in determining our identity in our past lives. This often leads people to buy astrological gemstones, zodiac birthstones, Vedic birthstones, gemstone as per zodiac, and Brahma gems. Customers can buy astrological gemstones online or from stores after consultation from gemstone suppliers in Delhi.

How does karma affect your present life?

It is believed that karma has no expiration date. It is carried from one life to the next. Every person that we come in contact with in our present life is due to our past karmic relationships. That is why it is advisable to carefully assess the place of every individual you interact within your daily lives. This ensures that you can acknowledge your karma, whether good or bad, and settle it as soon as possible. There exists both good and bad karma. Precisely speaking, what we do, we get back the same. Karma repeats itself in different lifetimes to teach you different lessons every time.

Who were you according to your zodiac signs?

Your zodiac sign is a symbol that portrays your personality, appearance, and who you were in your past life. Astrological research suggests that your zodiac sign can reveal what kind of a person you were in your past life. Here is what you were like in your past life based on your zodiac signs:

  • Aries- Aries were poets in their past lives. They were compassionate and helpful individuals.

  • Taurus- They were warriors in their past lives who were aggressive and domineering. They fought for what they believed in irrespective of the consequences.

  • Gemini- Gemini were wealthy business owners. Being creatures of comfort, they were materialistic and easily consumed by the pleasures of life.

  • Cancer- They were writers in their past lives who were intellectual, witty, and versatile.

  • Leo- Leo is believed to have been midwives in their previous lives. They were sentimental, maternal, and nurturing.

  • Virgo- They were royalty in their past lives who were egotistical and the center of attention.

  • Libra- Libra were healers in their past lives. They made sacrifices in their lives to serve those around them and were involved in healing and natural medicine.

  • Scorpio- In their past lives, Scorpio were artists. They had a creative, sensual, and sensitive nature.

  • Sagittarius- Sagittarius were scientists in their past lives and were mysterious, intellectual, and highly analytical.

  • Capricorn- They were travelers in their past lives.

  • Aquarius- They were highly ambitious and determined politicians in their past lives.

  • Pisces- Pisces were rebels in their past lives. They were unusually logical, unconventional, and always stood out in public.


Which astrological gemstones can solve your past life Karma affecting your present life?

Zodiac birthstones or Vedic gemstones as per your zodiac sign, can help in solving the karma affecting your life. There are different astrological gemstones, each designed for a particular zodiac sign. There are various Brahma gems or Vedic gemstones like amethyst, carnelian, quartz, hematite, ruby, emerald, and the like. Each astrological gemstones as per zodiac have their distinctive properties and help in solving Karmic problems of the previous lives in their unique ways.

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