You must have heard about several therapies that help to heal even the most dangerous diseases. But there is another form of therapy that holds its importance as one of the most effective therapy in healing health ailments, and it is known as Gem therapy.  Using gemstones to treat diseases is what defines this term. It’s a mixture of science, art, astrology & gemology. Being one of the prominent dealers of gemstones many gem therapist buy gems from our gemstone shop in south Delhi as an only pure gemstone can give desired results.

Every gemstone in combination with a planet possesses amazing healing powers. Let us explore the benefits & irreplaceable role of gem therapy in healing varied diseases.


Name of the disease

Planets causing it


Arthritis/ Rheumatism

Causes due to inflammation of the joints.

Saturn & Rahu

Red Coral, yellow sapphire


Also known as bloodlessness, the disease signifies the reduced red corpuscles.

Jupiter, Sun afflicted by Saturn and Mars.

Yellow sapphire & Red coral.


When bronchial tubes shrink&discharge an excessive amount of mucous, it makes breathing difficult.


Saturn, Moon & Mercury

Emerald & yellow sapphire. Moonstone should also be used as an additional gem.

Brain Fever

Causes due to inflammation & burning of the meninges which is anenvelop of brain & the spinal cord.

Saturn, Mars & Rahu

Ruby, Emerald, Yellow sapphire

Eye Problems

A common problem that happens due to eye infection and affects eye sight.

Afflicted Sun & Moon

Red Ruby, White Pearl

Brain Tumors

A result of growth of unwanted tissue in your brain.

Afflicted Mars & Mercury

Emerald, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire.


Blisters & skin eruption on the body.


Red coral embedded in a copper ring.


It is a kind of lung disease that causes due to inflammation in bronchial tubes.

Mars or Sun afflicted by Saturn or Rahu.

Red Coral.


A burning feel in intestines with severe pain and acute condition of colitis disease is known as ulcerative colitis.

Saturn & Mars

Emerald & Moonstone.



It causes abnormal glucose level in our blood, and is marked by persistent thirst & excessive urination.

Two or three malefic planets with watery signs. Venus & Moon afflicted by Mars & Sun.

Red Coral, Blue sapphire & Emerald.


Mental sickness with frequent fits, fainting & abnormal behavior.

Mercury, Moon & Saturn.

Moonstone & Red Coral.


Also known as blood cancer.

Rahu & Ketu.

Hessonite, Cat’s eye  & yellow sapphire.

Throat Troubles

This includes tonsils, pain in throat, sore throat, cough & choking voice.

Sun & Mars

Red Coral.

Children’s disease

Children below 10 years are quite prone to diseases like allergies, diarrhea, food poisoning.


One carat moonstone can be worn embedded in a silver pendant.


Represents frequent abortion in pregnancy.


Red Coral & Emerald.


Well, one can find much more benefits of gem therapy but the first thing which comes to our mind is an eternity of gemstone powers & beauty. It’s so amazing that from beauty purpose to astrology and even health, these gemstones play such an important role in human life. From centuries these shining stones are mesmerizing people with their irresistible beauty and unparalleled astrological powers. And it proves that these shimmering representatives of planets are like the beautiful incarnations of God on earth.  Isn’t It??