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Gemstones And Their Respective Planets

29 March, 2019
Gemstones And Their Respective Planets

The gems that are used in Vedic astrology and in Ayur Vedic medicine to regulate the energy centers of the human body called chakras, which in turn receive the energy of a given planet, must be completely natural and of good quality only.

The use of original certified gemstones online or alternatives attract the energies of the planet with which they are associated and in turn radiate this energy in the environment where they are already the person who uses them. This energy is more intense when it comes from some of the original Jyotish gems and to a lesser degree when it comes from an alternative semiprecious gem of an original Jyotish gem.

Sun Ruby / Alternately Star Ruby, Red Spinel, Red Tourmaline (Rubellite), Almandine Garnet. The gem of the Sun improves the health, vitality, digestion, professional success, and well-being of the father and his relationship with him. The red ruby stone gives confidence, the strength of character and individuality. Strengthens the vital fire and therefore is beneficial in all cases of the disease. Burns toxins from the body because it is a warm gem.

Luna  Natural Pearl / Alternatively Cultured Pearl and Moonstone (Adularia or Selenite) and White Quartz.

White pearls are associated astrologically with the Moon. They stimulate the body and blood fluids, nourishes tissues and nerves. In women, it improves fertility and calms emotions. It gives peace of mind to all, comforts and makes the mind content and focused, removing feelings of lethargy. It increases the number of white blood cells thus improving the immune system to prevent us from getting sick.

Mars Red Coral / Alternately Carnelian, and Red Jasper. It increases energy and body heat, independence and activity, strengthens the reproductive system, improves blood, renews body tissues, gives courage and improves the ability to work. Go back to a popular and educated one. Italian red coral online can improve the well-being of young relatives and our relationship with them.

Mercury Emerald / Alternately Green Jade, Green Tourmaline, Peridot, Demantoid Garnet, Malachite. It is directly associated with Mercury, the messenger of the gods. It is the planet that represents speech, communication of any kind, friendships and commerce at all levels. At a low level, its emerald stone prices are to articulate material resources, and at a higher level, it connects us with our inner capacities and the powers of our mind.

Jupiter  Yellow Sapphire / Alternatively Yellow Imperial Topaz, Heliodorus (Golden Beryl) and Citrine Quartz. It grants energy, vitality and regulates the hormonal system. It is considered as the divine grace that can cover all our needs. Buy Yellow Sapphire Stone Online is particularly beneficial to increase the possibility of having children, and for women, it helps to achieve a good husband and achieve a happy married life.

Venus White Diamond / Alternately White Sapphire, White Zircon and White Topaz. The diamond gives courage, charisma, beauty, protection in strong diseases and strengthens the kidneys and reproductive organs. In short, a diamond (Venus) can make us enjoy comforts and luxuries. It is good to harmonize all kinds of relationships as well as to give sexual and hormonal vitality. For men, it is particularly beneficial in helping to attract a good wife and a successful marriage.

Saturn Blue Sapphire / Alternately Star Sapphire, Blue Spinel, Amethyst, Jet and Lapis Lazuli. It is the gem of Saturn and is used to alleviate suffering caused by the disease. Buy Blue Sapphire Online helps in the psychological treatment of worries, fears, lack of self-esteem, frustration, and depression. It is also beneficial for ailments in the knees, nerves, all kinds of stress and promotes longevity through rejuvenation. It helps religious devotion promoting an atmosphere of peace and calm, protects during travel and negative energies, thins and strengthens bones.

Rahu Hessonite Garnet. It is a cold stone that emits ultraviolet rays. Protects against poisons and diseases and is used to counteract the evil effects of the head of the dragon, Rahu, or northern lunar nodule. It helps to avoid destructive and uncontrollable events during life. Reduces compulsive actions, addictions and promotes security and stability free of fear. It also brings clarity in situations where we experience uncertainty and confusion.

Ketu Cat's Eye (Chrysoberyl) / Alternately Quartz Cat's Eye, Tiger's Eye, and Turquoise. The cat's eye (Chrysoberyl) is a gem that is only found in the East and is related to the astral influences of Ketu. If you are well placed in a horoscope emphasizes spirituality, intuition, universality, sensitivity, protect from evil and attract riches, preventing poverty. Otherwise, it will make the person eccentric, explosive, fanatical, with emotional problems, attract fatal diseases of a mysterious nature (such as cancer) and make the person a compulsive gambler.

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