Gemstone Jewelry For Winters

By Brahma Gems January 21, 2017

If you think that spring is the only season of colors then you are wrong. Winters gives an unbounded freedom to wear colors. Especially when it comes to gemstone jewelry, one can give this season an ethnic shade of royalty by showering the shimmers of vibrant color gemstones. Visit our gemstone store in Lajpat Nagar and we give you a new sight of gemstone world.

Winters means marriage season. Lots of lights, shine, shimmer and glimmer. Get a glittering look and dazzle with glamour, earning the second glances in marriage parties.  Chose a beautiful glaring gemstone jewelry and make winter feel the warmth of your charm.

Well! It’s not about a marriage party only. Every season has its own demands of colors, shades, and outfits. And it should reflect in your look. Here are few suggestions on gemstone jewelry for winters.

1. Firstly and very importantly, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires are the desired shines of winters. Wearing a jewelry which has any of these stones embedded in it will undoubtedly melt the hearts of people around you. The vibrant, dark shades of any of these stone will beautifully compliment the feel of winter through their hot bold look.

2. But! But! But! Choosing a gemstone is not enough. In fact, before picking your gemstone jewelry, you need to choose the occasion for which you are intended to wear it. A bright color gemstone studded in white gold will go perfectly with your formal wears as white gold will give a balance to your appearance and will prevent you from looking goody and low-minded.

3. Now, let’s change the mood. Go and get some glimmering stuff for you. If you want to look elegant with a bright outfit then a sophisticated diamond will make the mood. And if you are wearing something with black, grey, brown then a ruby or an emerald cocktail ring will hit the hearts by bringing you in the center of attraction. Remember; never become overconfident with your experiments. A vibrant ruby jewelry with a maroon dress will never look good together. It will fail to differentiate you as a separate identity. But yes! a blue sapphire will positively look awesome with maroon.

4. If you want to go a little closer to the latest gemstone jewelry trend then an emerald stone circled by a diamond rim will look gorgeously perfect. How about a solitaire ruby rings with an alike pendant? Well, without a second thought, it will elegantly compliment your evening party gown.

There are just a few do’s and don’ts you need to follow to stay drenched in trend. Don’t hesitate to experiment just stay alerted to prevent yourself from looking overconfident and odd. Rest rests on you and your beautiful creativity!!!!