Gomed is a Hindi name of Hessonite which represents one of the most powerful planets Rahu. It is specially considered beneficial for people with Kaal Sarp Dosh. With increasing sale of gemstones in the international market, many online outlets are available. Buying a GOMED stone online will uncover a huge variety of Gomed stones for you.

Gomed is believed to be an amazing holder of miraculous astrological powers. It is a game changer which holds the power to transform the hardships of life into smooth roads of success and prosperity. It showers good luck and wealth in the life of the wearer.


Some of the major astrological benefits of Gomed are:

1. By removing confusion it provides mental clarity and a balanced temperament.

2. The diseases which cause due to bad effects of Rahu are – cancer, fear psychosis, skin diseases, mental problems etc. So, if the hessonite is suited to the person, it gives relief from all these diseases.

3. It improves self-confidence and develops a good decision-making power.

4. It gives victory over negative conditions and enemies.

5. In health benefits, it gives an improved metabolism and helpful in gastric disorders too.

6. It helps in releasing stress and tension.

7. People in the fields of politics, event management, public relations, and in the business of iron ore, mustard seeds, woolen clothes, vegetables, cement, foreign exchange, photography, astrology and rotten goods can get unprecedented benefits from this stone.

8. In certain positions of birth chart Rahu can cause addiction of alcohol, drugs etc. In such cases, hessonite or Gomed can be really effective to help you get rid of these problems.

9. To get maximum benefits of a Gomed stone, Saturday is perfect for wearing a Gomed stone.


Precaution – Rahu is a wicket planet which represents black magic, restlessness, bonding, false arguments, smoking habits and dreams etc. So, it is extremely important to take an expert astrological advice from a learned astrologer.