Gemstones are rare, precious and beautiful but costly. What if you buy a gemstone and after some time you find it fake or defaulted. Your money become waste and more of that if you wear a fake gemstone, it doesn’t work while if you wear a defaulted gemstone, it can affect adversely and put you in more trouble. So check your gemstone by yourself completely before buying it. Here we are giving you the details regarding how you can check whether a gemstone is real or not .

There details includes some precautions and testing  regarding how to check every gemstone.

Have you ever you heard about home made techniques for checking?

There are so many articles related to DIY (do-it-yourself) homemade techniques like; Authenticity is checked by changing color of milk if we put a gemstone in it but according to a certified and professional gemologist these are all myth as the parameter for checking the gemstone. Gemstones are made of minerals and their physical and chemical properties differ from gem to gem so it is not necessary that any myth will apply on all the gemstones. We would suggest you to consult a professional gemologist for the same.

But as the basic steps you can try to checkout these gems by their physical deformity in gemstones like their surface, cavities, scratches and black spots inside the gemstones.

How Gemologist tell about the gemstone if it is real or fake?

Gemologist view on any gemstone can’t be completely untrue because they have more experience and knowledge that we can imagine and there are some basic things which a gemologist can feel or measure but we can’t check, for ex: its density, weight and other basic physical features which we don’t know.

But it was a idea about quality of gemstone  A real or perfect Gemologist confirms it after testing it on several parameters, in the sophisticated laboratory tests which give the exact report of a gemstone. Dealers lures customer by providing a high-end finished and polished gemstone which improves its appearance and ask for higher price. But a gemologist check these parameters too which helps you from being looted.


How a gemstone is fake?

Gemstone are of two types; One, natural which are found in earth’s crust and second the synthetic one which are made by humans. Synthetic gemstones are known as fake gemstone which physically seems like a natural gemstone. Synthetic gemstone looks more beautiful and much cheaper then natural gemstone but its spiritual values are ZERO. You can wear synthetic only for fashion or look good but it can’t be useful to take the benefits of the gemstone.

Anything else we need to know before buying the gemstone?

Yes there are certain things regarding the purity of gemstone and the most important one is to always ask for the laboratory report of the gemstone because that gives the guarantee of purity.

Before buying the gemstone consult regarding your zodiac sign and the compatible gem with the gemologist. You should know about the local trade name, English name and the name used in Hindi for the gemstone because some time dealers cheat you by saying different names of the gemstone.



Yellow sapphire


White sapphire

White pukhraj


Dudhiya pathar

Blue sapphire


Yellow Blue sapphire






Red coral


Cats eye



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