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How Gemstones Plays A Strong Role In a Good Marriage

24 September, 2018
In this modern age, many marriages are in trouble and we simply cannot blame a particular reason for that because it's very subjective. According to many astrologers, the increased tradition of unmatched marriages is one of the strongest reason for troubled married life. On the other hand, the psychologist believes that the main reason of increasing number of divorce and separation is today's lifestyle. 

Indian Vedic Astrology strongly believes that planetary configuration is responsible for each and every situation in life which is why traditional Hindi families refer Purohit or Astrologer before performing each and every important ritual from Birth to death. The amazing gemstones are not just simply decorative gems but are also known to have magical powers that are beneficial to mankind for ages. 

Whether you're planning your wedding or you're already married, the right crystals can not only get you married to your soulmate but also boost the love between married couples. Picking the right gems can help you find your love as well as marry under the amorous moon with the true blessings of ‘Happily Ever After’! 

We know marriage is a tough choice. When two people fall in love and think of being with each other for the rest of their lives, they think of all the love and forget the hurdles. The truth is that no marriage stands upright without struggles. And that's where gemstones will come to your rescue.

Did you ever feel like you need an extra force to find the perfect partner? Or did you feel like you're losing that extra spark in your married life? You are probably wondering about the perfect crystals to wear for your monotonous marriage, but are not really sure how it actually works. Fair enough! we all somewhere need reasons to be 100% sure about something. 

Marriage Karakas (Significators) 
In order to understand the issues in marriages and love life of people astrologically, we should first understand the influences in the horoscope which affects these areas of life. Venus is the planet of marriage and love and in some cases, Jupiter also influences marriage. The 7th house of the horoscope and the lord of the 7th house are also the significators for love, partnerships, and marriage. Influence of mars is high as far as passion is concerned in the relationships. In males, Venus is the significator of semen and potency. The 12th house of the horoscope has bed pleasure under its domain. Mercury is considered to cause impotency in males, thus its effects must be treated carefully. 

Saturn being a slow planet can lead to a retarding influence on marriage while affecting the 7th house. Mars in some cases can cause a delay in marriages and can cause a major dosha in the chart. The whole scenario is quite complex and can cause big trouble. 

Gemstones are known to cure the effect of these planets in an individual's life. It controls the bad influence by adjusting the positioning of the planets. However, one should always consider a good astrologer before sticking any gem to his body. Want to buy suitable gemstone for you and your partner, visit Brahma Gems, one of the most certified and natural gemstone store in Delhi NCR.