The green gemstone, Emerald, is the traditional birthstone for May month. It also serves as an ideal gift for 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. In order to invoke the blessings of planet Mercury, it is advisable for all the May borns to wear the auspicious Emerald stone. This gemstone is believed to be the birthstone of May as it brings exceptionally positive results or impact in the lives of the individuals who are born in the month of May.

The word Emerald originated from the Latin word “Smaragdus,” meaning green gemstone. “Panna” is the Hindi word for Emerald and “Mrakatamani” is the Sanskrit one. Some of the positive effects of this stone are mentioned below:

  • Emerald is known to be the stone of wisdom. Hence, wearing this stone encourages the wearer towards positivity and gets him/her rid from mental tensions such as gloom and depression.
  • This gemstone is believed to be highly beneficial for students as it helps in increasing their memory power and concentration.
  • This stone is known to evoke passion and love among married couples or lovers.
  • It is a harbinger of good fortune for the ones born in May and helps them cope with tuff times with ease.
  • In order to reinforce their financial capabilities, May borns are advised to wear Emerald gemstone.

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