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How to Clean and Care for Your Gemstone in a Best Way

16 April, 2021
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The gemstones have astrological benefits that turn the wheels of your fortune. The jyotish ratna and its jewellery work like an alternative therapy with their healing properties. From bringing peace to the mind, to solving your marital issues and taking you to great heights in terms of business and career; the gemstones like yellow sapphire or pukhraj and Neelam or blue sapphire are incredibly popular for their astrological role. No wonder, it is very important to see that the gemstone keeps welcoming fresh vibes and positivity for you; thereby it is a must to clean them and keep them in a good condition.

Reasons That Makes Gemstones Old or Faded

Gemstones work and interact with the body in a way that their energy works on the wearer to reward him/her with various benefits. Also, stones travel a lot from country to country, source to seller and reseller to clients. Thereby, the transition and the usage by the wearer make the stone rough and dull.

Why to Clean Your Precious Gemstones?

  • To maximize the healing abilities.
  • To retain the sheen and long lasting beauty.
  • To clear the transmitted negative energies that might have come due to touching.
  • To connect better with your body.
  • To charge them all over again.



Few Simple Methods to Clean Your Gemstone

  • Soap cleaning- Immerse the stone in a bowl of water with few drops of liquid soap. Use an old toothbrush to rub off the dust and impurities collected on the surface of your sapphire. Wash properly followed by a thorough rinse and drying.
  • Running water- You can effectively clean your astrological original gemstone by simply holding it under running water. Imagine yourself asking the universe to clear it off with all the impurities.
  • Sea salt- To reprogram your old gems, you can use sea salt and water as a cleaning agent. But do remember to avoid using salt water if your jyotish gem is brittle or with a lot of holes or ridges. It can damage the stone to make it ineffective.
  • Moon’s energy- You can place your gemstones on a window sill or outside in a balcony on a full moon light to impart some refreshing lunar energy into your gemstones. You can also bathe your neelam or pukhraj in the moon water (water left outside to charge under the energy of the full moon) to rid your stone of unwanted energy.
  • Visualize’ cleansing- Well, it might sound spiritual but it is a very powerful method to purify your exclusive ratna. Hold the stone in your hand, close your eyes and visualize the rays of light falling on it. Imagine that the energy coming is washing off the impurities on the gem.

Note- Before you attempt to clean, be sure about the sensitive nature of your specific gemstone. Methods might not be the same for all natural gemstones and gem-studded jewellery. Some gemstones like pearl/moti, amber and coral are porous, so don’t expose them to harsh chemicals or acids.

So, we can see how we don’t need any special methods, techniques and appliances to clean your astrological gems and fill them all over again with magical power.

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