For sure you are a possessive lover of your gemstone jewelry and do everything to keep its shine long life. But you are afraid that any mistake may take its shine forever.  Being one of the leading dealers of certified gemstones in Delhi Brahmagems bags a huge knowledge about every aspect of gemstones. Whether it is about astrological benefits of gemstones or do’s and don’ts of gemstone jewelry care we always try to make our people and our clients aware of each and every side of gemstone arena, so that the royal shines they own, should not get blurred.


Here are few tips to clean gemstone jewelry and keep its shine eternal.

 1. Use Soft Brushes – It’s the very first rule. No matter how hard is the gem, when it comes to cleaning your gemstone jewelry, never use rough or harsh things. Diamond is the hardest gem but that doesn’t mean you can clean it using hard brushes. Use only soft brush to clean dust particles from the surface. 

 2. Baking Soda, the Instant Cleaner – Of course we know, how effective baking soda is in cleaning things. Mix some water in baking soda to make a paste and rub it gently on your jewelry with the help of a soft brush. Then wash it with normal room temperature water and dry it with a lint-free cloth. It will give miraculous results leaving an ultra-clean surface behind.

 3. Detergent &water, simply effective – Fill a bowl with some lukewarm water and add detergent to it. Soak the jewelry in solution for 10 minutes and take it out to rub with a cotton ball to wipe off any residual dirt.

 4. No chemicals for pearls – If you are washing your pearls jewelry never expose it to harsh chemicals. Use only jewelry cleaner; it will clean the pearls without affecting its natural radiance.

 5. Glass Cleaner – Regular glass cleaner is the simplest and best way to clean your gemstone jewellery. It simply removes oil and dirt part from the jewellery without doing harm to the natural shine of gemstones.


PRECAUTION – Many people recommend to use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning gemstone, but it can harm the shine and beauty of the gemstone as every gemstone (special colored gems) has specific cleaning requirements.  Ultrasonic cleaning can be used but not for all gems. So, it’s always good to take a professional advice.