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How to Use Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam) To Achieve Success?

30 November, 2019
How to Use Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam) To Achieve Success?

Blue sapphire which is widely known as Neelam is one of the most popular gemstones worn among the people. The gemstone is named Neelam because of its bright blue color and this particular gemstone is said to bring luck and huge success in life. Many people have considered the fact that blue sapphire promises the fact of getting good luck. But be very cautious about the duplicate gemstone and buy it from the trusted gemstones stores in Delhi


How to wear Blue Sapphire to attain all its benefits


Neelam gemstone can bring you luck if you wear it in the right way and right time. The gemstone blue sapphire represents the planet Saturn (Shani). People wear it to maintain their Shani which shows you up with multiple opportunities

  • Make a ring with your blue sapphire  gemstone using the metal gold or silver and wear it in the middle finger of your right hand

  •  Maintaining the weight of Neelam is the most important thing to keep in mind while wearing it. Keep your Neelam between the weight of 3-6 carat and not more or less than that

  • As it represents Shani you ought to wear it on Saturday after taking a complete bath; you can now easily buy gemstones online with guaranteed originality 

  • Before wearing it, ensure to purify it precisely, for the process of purifying dip the ring in freshwater from Ganga, raw milk and honey for a good half an hour and then wear it. Brahma Gems offer you the best and real gemstones within your budget


Who should wear blue sapphire?


Generally, gemstones are selected for a certain person based on the position of the planets in his horoscope.  Blue sapphire stone has a fancy reputation among all, but the fact is only a selective people should wear it under complete guidance. The signs with weak Saturn are recommended to wear this gemstone. If you need to make your Shani strong, wear Neelam to avoid fatal accidents and other evil shadows.


How can blue sapphire change the luck of a person?

After wearing blue sapphire stone you may notice its benefits within 2 months, this gemstone is said to cure all the obstacles and the tribulations caused by weak Shani. You should keep the gemstone in touch with your skin to get the benefits. This gemstone is considered to calm your senses by controlling your anxiety, stress, and depression. Neelam balances the cosmic energies and opens Anja chakra which helps people related in the fields like journalism, literature, architecture, etc. It works on the pituitary gland and improves your imagination and creative skills. Neelam or blue sapphire brings you good fortune, unexpected wealth, promotions, health benefits, business turn-ups and an overall positive change in life.


Why did blue sapphire call the most powerful gemstone?

Different gemstones have different powers and astrological uses, among them blue sapphire is considered as the most powerful gemstone because of its strongest effects. This gemstone shows its action in a short period and eases your pain fast. It makes your brain work well increasing your patience level and removes everything that is unfair. The blue sapphire stone price depends on its duration power and carat; get yours today to get the tremendous luck.


Why choose Brahma gems for natural gemstones?

Gemstones only work if they are original, the natural gemstones available in the market are most likely to be fraud or artificial. Get it from the trusted shop to enjoy its proper benefits; Brahma gems offer you with the best quality and real gemstones that are guaranteed to bring you luck and good fortune. And you can get the natural gemstones at negotiable price range compared to the other stores.

Do you need to make your Shani strong? Then hurry up and get your Neelam today from the gemstones stores in Delhi and lead a happy life removing all pains and sufferings.